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Things to Consider When Moving Into a New Office

For any business, it is exciting to move into a new office. However, people in charge of the relocation are usually not excited as the process is stressful. According to a survey, moving into a new building is number two on the list of managers’ most stressful tasks. For this reason, companies typically wait longer before moving into a new workspace to avoid the stress.If you want your business to be mobile, you should consider the following things beforehand.


When moving into a new office building, make sure to determine the cost of your relocation project. Moving expenses can easily rack up, usually due to unexpected delays, issues, and oversights. Among the common mistakes of project managers handling relocation budgets are that they overlook the property and legal fees. Ask a reliable relocation service provider to avoid nasty surprise costs during your move.

Office design

Consider how you should design your new workspace before moving in. Unlike other office spaces, the units to rent in Manchester require less upgrading. You can also choose from commercial to light industrial units depending on which fits your business most.


Your customers and clients should know that you are moving into a new place. To do so, you must have effective communication. Among the ways to tell your suppliers, customers, and landlords that you are moving includes sending out postal campaigns, email, flyers, change of address cards, or posting an announcement on your website or social media. You should also notify your insurance companies and bank about your new company address.

Leased equipment

Some of the equipment you leased might require approval from their vendor before you can move them. If you don't check this beforehand, you might break the service or warranty cover agreements. Some vendors will insist on moving the equipment themselves, and some might require you to follow a strict moving process.

Office furniture

Decide whether you will bring your existing office furniture to your new building or buy new ones. If you wish to replace them, plan what you will do with the old furniture. It is also a good idea to refurbish your office furniture to cut costs.

Information technology

Moving into a new office space means relocating your desktops and other IT equipment. Since these machines are critical for the smooth running of your business, make sure to take extra safety precautions when moving them. If your company doesn't have an IT department, hire a professional who will set up your computers.

Plan for the relocation

Of course, you need to plan what will happen during the relocation day to ensure its success. Start from listing down who will lead the move up to how the new office should look like. Doing so will allow you to reduce the time needed to execute the entire moving process.


In a nutshell, moving into a new office building is a stressful task. By considering the things mentioned in this article, you can avoid the hassle and stress of the moving process.


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