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Things to consider before You buy Auto Insurance

People put so much effort and time into deciding which car to buy. Buying a car is a big investment, and the car is meant to be used for many years. So making the right purchase is of utmost importance. But what about buying auto insurance policies? Why skip the effort and time there and get a mediocre policy that does not provide proper coverage and charges you extra?

Buying the right auto insurance policy and choosing the right car insurance company go a long way in helping you save a lot of money. Not just that, but it can prevent you from a lot of hassle and issues when you get in a car accident and make a claim. To help you make the right purchase, here are some important things you need to consider before buying auto insurance.

Choosing the Vehicle Insurance Companies

Before you make any purchase, not just auto insurance, you must choose the right thing before you buy it. Based on your budget, needs, driving habits, and the type of car you own, some auto insurance companies might be great for you, while others would be a disaster.

So the first thing is searching for the most affordable and suitable car insurance company based on your location. Let’s say that you live in Texas. All you need to do to find the perfect car insurance for you is look up The Cheapest and Best Texas Car Insurance Companies and select the one that has the best coverage options.

Not just affordable, look for companies with the best customer reviews, faster claim processing time, larger network, different types of insurance policies, etc. Making the right choice while choosing the auto insurance company is the most important thing to consider. Not only will this save money, but also help you with an easier and faster insurance claim if you get in a car accident.

Choosing the Types of Policies

Everyone does not need a general car insurance policy. Based on the usage of your car, you might be better off with a pay-per-mile auto insurance policy. With the faster spread of work from home culture, offices are adopting a hybrid work routine, meaning that people do not leave their houses often. This also means less traffic, low pollution, and lower mileage on your car’s odometer.

So if you are not driving your car too much, then get a pay-per-mile auto insurance policy. In this auto insurance, a base rate is set based on your driving record and other factors. At the end of the month, the base rate is multiplied by your mileage to calculate the rate.

With less driving, you will save more and pay less with pay-per-mile auto insurance. So perhaps consider getting that instead of general auto insurance policies?

Comparing the Policies

Let’s talk about car insurance policies. If you live in any state in the US except Virginia and New Hampshire, you’ll have to buy liability coverage if you want to drive a car legally. If you live in any of the 12 “no-fault” states, then getting a personal injury protection plan is also mandated by the state.

Even if you don’t live in one of the “no-fault” states, we still recommend getting a personal injury protection plan as it can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages.

But what about the other optional coverages and add-ons that you can choose to either buy or skip? Is it really necessary to buy a collision damage waiver plan or a comprehensive insurance policy?

If your car is very old, perhaps your parents' car, or something you bought at a dirt cheap price, then perhaps you can skip collision and comprehensive coverage. This is because the amount you pay for getting these two policies, plus the insurance premium rates is not worth it.

Let’s say that you crash the car. Whatever the cost of repairs, making a collision/comprehensive insurance claim would increase your insurance rates forever. Isn’t it much better if you could get your car fixed at a local garage at cheap rates rather than going through the entire process of making a claim, paying the deductible, insurance premium rates, and then increasing your insurance rates?

Setting Deductibles

Before you buy an auto insurance policy, make sure to decide what the deductibles are going to be. A deductible is an amount that you have to pay in an insurance claim before the insurance company pays the rest of the amount.

Deductibles directly affect the rates of your insurance premium. A higher deductible would decrease the cost of insurance premiums. A lower deductible would have the opposite effect on insurance premium rates. So everyone should increase their deductible rates, right? Here comes the tricky part.

Let’s say that you have kept your deductible at $2,000. This would help in bringing down the insurance premium rates. But if you get in a car accident, and the total cost of repairs is $4,000, then you’ll have to pay $2,000 from your pockets, and then the insurance company would pay the rest of the amount, i.e., $2,000.

If the cost of repairs to your car is around $1,800, then you cannot claim your policy since it is below the deductible amount. Reducing the deductible would help in insurance claims since even if the cost of repairs is not too much, it still exceeds your deductible.

So these were the things you need to consider before making your auto insurance purchase. Making the right choice will not only help you save money, but it will protect you both legally and financially. Drive safe and save more.


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