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The Top Trends in Fruit Juices Today: Your Best Guide

Fruit juices have been a staple on our tables for years, and we all have our preferred flavours, whether it’s apple or orange or something more exotic and special like berry combinations or even coconut water. But whilst some fruit juices will always be classics, there are new concoctions that are quickly becoming favourites as well. Not only this – consumers are looking for healthier alternatives with less (or no) sugar, organic ingredients, and vegan juices, too. If you are a fruit juice manufacturer and producer, you would want to know what's going on in the industry to get ahead. Keeping an eye on the trends can make a real difference, so here are the top trends in fruit juices today: your best guide.
    1. Low or no-sugar options  
The food and beverage sector has always debated about sugar content, and fruit juice products aren't exempted from this debate. However, an increasing number of consumers in today's world are choosing low (or reduced) or no-sugar options for their fruit juices, and many producers are catching on to the trend. In fact, there have been hundreds of fruit juices with low or no sugar launched in the last several years, and the trend has become widespread not just across the UK and the rest of Europe but other countries such as the US, Japan, and China. 
Juice producers are finding new ways to decrease the amount of sugar they have in their products, and they are using alternative sweetening ingredients such as monk fruit, honey, and stevia. Some are also trying to decrease the sugar content from their formulas and recipes, whilst others add more greens. Still, others are choosing to market their products using smaller-sized packages, especially in the UK. 
    2. Organic options 
There are also a lot of emphases nowadays on organic ingredients, and more producers of food and beverage products are opting for organic alternatives in their recipes and formulas. The good news is that it's much easier to go organic today because many suppliers offer organic fruits and veggies. You can now purchase organic fruit juice concentrate from suppliers and sources like EE & Brian Smith, for instance. These are responsibly sourced and easily traceable, which more consumers also prefer. 
Organic fruit juices are believed to be healthier since they are made from fruits and vegetables grown without pesticides and other toxic additives.
    3. Vegan options 
Whilst many consumers assume that fruit juice is inherently vegan, some are produced with the addition of gelatin to clarify the juice. Since more consumers now focus on checking out the packaging and the ingredients of the products they buy, it’s up to juice manufacturers to be as transparent and straightforward as possible about how they make their products. 
But you should also know that there are particular top sellers when it comes to vegan options. These include flavours such as beetroot or red beets, watermelon, mango, coconut water, berry, maple water, blueberry, orange, and pineapple. Of course, you can always combine certain ingredients to create a unique flavour, and some newer favourites include nettles, birch tree water, sap, passion fruit, pink guava, cactus, sweet potato, and pumpkin. 
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