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The Top Industries In Brighton

We do love to be beside the seaside. The city of Brighton was once famous for its music halls, seaside railways, and bizarre orientalist architecture. It became a bustling resort town in the late Victorian era when rail links with London were established that meant ordinary people from the big cities could go and relax and let off steam in the sea air. Earlier, the Prince Regent had established a gaudy pleasure palace – the royal pavilion – in the center of the town, from which he set out on his famously hedonistic rampages.

Thanks to the rise of air travel, many seaside resort towns in the UK have fallen on hard times. Seaside tourism saw a sharp decline in the late 20th Century, and rotting piers, empty arcades, and crumbling music halls all became sad features of an entropic coastal landscape.

Brighton, however, is absolutely thriving. This is because its economy was successfully diversified, allowing it to grow even with the decline of tourism. Walking around the city today, you’ll find a bustling cultural hub hosting major events like the annual Great Escape festival, and a staggering number of innovative start-ups. To illustrate the amazing results of Brighton’s economic diversity, here is a list of some of the top industries flourishing in the town today.

Brighton has a very strong ICT and Digital industry. The sector grew by 40 percent over 5 years, which is a remarkable achievement. Brighton is a hub for artificial intelligence and immersive technology development. This is in part because companies have ample human resources recruitment avenues – both Brighton and Sussex universities have strong scientific research facilities and attract talented students, who then go on to work for local innovators. Brighton and Hove City council are extremely proactive in their support of ICT and digital start-ups through grants and loans, further cementing the city’s place as a tech oasis. Rent is relatively high for office space in the city, but grants typically help new companies establish themselves in this environment.

Brighton has a thriving cultural industry and has become a mecca for young people seeking to enter into creative fields. The city hosts several large cultural events every year, including the vast Fringe arts festival and the internationally renowned Great Escape conference and music festival. This event, in particular, brings thousands of people from all around the world into the town, stimulating the consumer economy as well as the cultural industry. Brighton also hosts the largest LGBTQ+ pride event in the United Kingdom. Over 100,000 people flock to the city for this celebration, which overwhelms the town with trade. Culture is a vast industry in  Brighton. It is everywhere you look.

Health And Life Sciences
Brighton has a large health and life sciences industry. This is due in part to the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences that operates as part of Brighton University. This specialist school produces some remarkably talented pharmaceutical innovators who either complete research through the university or create their own start-ups. A new central research laboratory is being built in Preston Barracks, which should see the health and life sciences industry grow even more in the near future. Scientific research and development is absolutely key to Brighton’s 21st Century economic success.

Most people associate finance in the UK with the City of London, but Brighton punches way above its weight in terms of employment in the financial sector. 19,000 people work in the financial industry in the town, and they all provide a vital job helping other businesses who aren’t as savvy in the same field. For example, many businesses or entrepreneurs turn to the accountant and tax advisors from Plummer Parsons to assist them with their bookkeeping, tax, VAT, and more. Their friendly team provide a much-needed service in a town full of up and coming new businesses ready to hit the market.

Advanced Engineering
The Advanced Engineering Centre at Brighton University has become a hub for industry leaders working on transportation, aeronautical and thermofluids work. The resources available at the center – which is housed in a new 14 million pound building – have made Brighton a very attractive destination for researchers and business people looking to make their mark in advanced engineering. Innovators in this field are not limited to the university. Many private engineering start-ups have made their homes in Brighton or (in the case of aeronautical labs) the nearby Shoreham aerodrome. Advanced engineering is one of the UK’s fastest-growing industries, with the UK being a big producer of high-grade specialist equipment. Brighton has established itself as a central hub crucial to that industry.

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