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The Science of Security Team Recruitment

There’s no doubt about it, working in the security sector can be a tough role. Having a job that’s predominantly static but having to keep watchful and ready to move at a moment's notice isn’t for everyone. This is even more the case when you take into account the violence that amember of a security team could be faced with at any time.

This could be why there’s a definite shortage of people with the right skill set and qualifications wanting to take on this role, and, therefore,why you could find yourself struggling when you start your recruitment drive.

#1 Getting the right people for the job

The person, or, in some cases, people you’re after, will have to be well motivated and physically fit, but in addition, they’ll need to be vigilant and be happy to work as a member of a close team. You may think that one security guard will be enough for your business, but you need to consider what will happen if they need assistance or are busy dealing with one person, who will watch the rest?

To get the right people to apply for your vacancy, you’ll have to create an advert that appeals to people and sells the post. This can be difficult if you’re not a wordsmith, aren’t very familiar with what the role entails, or what’s expected of the perfect candidate.

This is where you’ll find it beneficial to use a recruitment software agency such as because they also have in-house copywriting experts available to help with job post adverts. They can save you time and give you a far better chance of finding the right candidate compared to going it alone.

#2 Provide additional training

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from offering your current security guards more training to enable them to perform their jobs better and safer. Offering them out-of-hours self-defence classes to improve their stamina and limit injuries or improving their knowledge of the technical tools that they’ll need to use on a daily basis can make them far more efficient. Having the knowledge of different self-defence methods or martial arts could mean that if they need to, they’ll be able to get the upper hand.

Limiting your security guards to just one level of self-defence could actually undermine their skills and put them in harm's way. This is because if an assailant comes at them using one method of fighting, being able to counteract them and move differently can bring them more under control.

#3 Support your teams

In addition to this, being a security guard can be a tough job, and it’s important that you support your team's morale and mental well-being. Keeping them feeling positive and confident in their own and their co-workers' abilities while also staying awake, paying attention, and vigilant during anti-social hours can be difficult.

If there’s a conflict with a member of the public, your team members will need to speak to someone,and having counsellors or a third party to get support from could help to keep your team together and your recruitment drives to a minimum.

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