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The participant of the show Voice David Todua loses his sight

Musician, participant of the show Voice, season 6


David Todua. Biography

David Todua was born in Sukhumi but now he lives in Moscow. From an early age David was fascinated by music and theatre. Already at the age of five years he took first place in the vocal competition. From an early age the boy's hobby was music. First place at the age of five among the vocalists says a lot about his singing abilities. In addition, the boy played the lead roles in the first children's theater in his homeland.

Because of the war his family was forced to move to Russia. At the age of nineteen David had already sung successfully on stage. After graduating from law school, David did not leave the stage but he took part in the contest People's Artist. The casting of the musical We Will Rock You, in which he was given the lead role of Galileo, was successful.

Then David and several musicians created a tribute band The Bohemians, the name gives us a hint about the band Queen. Tribute bands or tribute performers sing cover versions of some famous bands or singers. The Bohemians sing songs of the band Queen. At the same time, there was a need in a recording studio which was created later under the name Milton Group.

In addition to vocal activities, David Todua arranges songs for many famous artists. For example, Dima Bilan in his studio Milton Group wrote an arrangement for the track Do not be silent. Therefore, in Voice David chose another mentor, so that there were no accusations of nepotism.

On the show David performed Who Wants to Live Forever from the repertoire of his favourite band Queen. Now the guy will have to justify the trust of Leonid Agutin. After all, it was David who became a member of his team.

Health problems

David Todua spoke about health problems. Overcoming pain, the artist sings on the stage. He got vision problems after the hooligans’ attack as a teenager. Doctors diagnosed him with a terrible diagnosis - retinal detachment. He was in the hospital for a long time, but he managed to overcome the disease.

After the recovery the musician continued his creative career. He moved to the capital and sang in a musical dedicated to the work of the legendary band Queen. Later, the artist created his legendary studio Milton Group and began writing music for other singers. But after a while his health got worse. He had a recurrence of the disease and David began to go blind. During this period he had to undergo more than twenty operations. After that the artist fell into a deep depression.

According to Todua the show Voice and work in his recording studio Milton Group helps him cope with the disease and gives strength. He is still waiting for new surgeries, but thanks to his work he looks into the future with a positive attitude.

David's example inspires us not to give up and reach goals. After all, despite significant vision problems he has succeeded in his career, business and personal life. Apparently, inner strength and emotional performance of songs appeal to the audience's emotions.


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