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The Most Anticipated Sports Events in 2022

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has made its own adjustments in people's lives, it seems that this year everything is rapidly getting better. And if back in 2021 we had to cancel all sporting events or just enjoy them on a smartphone screen, 2022 will bring many expected shows.


Fans of different sports and betting are now happy with the possibility to enjoy their favorite matches and competitive odds offered by bookmakers. Those who would like to bet on the most exciting championships shouldn’t forget to become a member of a gaming club where they can enjoy both a sportsbook and casino games. And now, take a look at the most exciting events that passionate sports fans and bettors wait for with bated breath.



Women’s European Football Championship, July

It’s the 13th UEFA competition for the national women’s team in Europe. The event should have been initially held in 2021, but the sponsors had to postpone it to better times, which have finally come! Each team that would like to participate in the Women’s European Football Championship submits a squad of 23 players. The event will be held in England, and the prize is around €16 million, so we bet it would be spectacular.


World Athletic Championship, July

The event was initially scheduled for August 2021, but the pandemic has changed these plans. It will be the first time when the competition is held in the US. Sixteen teams are split into four groups, where they compete for the first place to get to the quarterfinal.

European Basketball Championship, September

The competition is held once every four years and this year, the event will pass in Georgia, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Italy. 24 teams will compete in four groups of six teams in a one-match round-robin system. The four best teams will reach the playoffs where they will fight for the right to become winners.  


The whole system will provide insane opportunities for betting, so be ready to find a reliable sportsbook and get an adrenaline rush. One of the most exciting and anticipated basketball tournaments is quite promising this year since all sports fans have been waiting for it for a long.


European Water Polo Championship, August-September

This tournament among men is held every two years. In 2022, it will take place in Croatia, and water polo fans wait for it with great impatience. The Hungarian team is now considered the most titled worldwide, but everything can change this summer. Sixteen countries will participate in the championship, and soon we will know who becomes a winner and gets the special prize.


2022 FIFA World Cup, December

It’s definitely the most anticipated event for football fans and the loudest competition in the sports world. The final tournament will be held with 32 teams. It was previously proposed to enlarge the number of participants up to 48, but FIFA denied this possibility. The competition will be held in Qatar, and it’s the first time even when such matches will take place in the Middle East. Due to the hot weather, matches will run in winter instead of summer.


Betting lovers will also be delighted since it’s possible to find competitive odds for FIFA on almost each bookmaker’s site. Placing even the smallest bets is a great way to make the match watching even more exciting and get an adrenaline rush.


So, the most interesting sports events of 2022 are still ahead, and everything that we have is waiting and hoping to see amazing competitions among the most talented athletes in the world.


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