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As the interest in online casinos has grown, operators have found ways to make the games more exciting. Not only have they offered variety, but they have also boosted their bonuses, improved their graphics, included better sounds, and capitalised on the jackpots. Moreover, reputable casinos like Betfair casino have invested more in the latest technologies to make their sites more accessible and convenient. As a result, more players have opted to play online as they can have their cake and eat it. But what trends can you expect?


Exploring Online Casino Trends

The casino world has always been competitive. But with the reduced barriers to entry, operators have had to work harder in online spaces to attract and retain customers. It is thus not surprising that most of them have embraced the following trends:


  1. Mobile Gaming

Online casinos were first available on desktops. And while this was a significant move in the right direction, these devices were not portable or available to most people. This accessibility changed with the coming of smartphones. And now, most casinos have the following mobile gaming options:

  • Mobile browsers: Players can search for casino sites, log in, and play the games they enjoy from their phones. These browsers have been optimised to load on mobile phones, thus addressing the portability and accessibility issues.

  • Mobile apps: Many sites now offer dedicated apps for different operating systems. Apps allow players to enjoy higher security levels and app-only bonuses. They can also load games without searching for the casino site.

In both instances, players only need smartphones and internet access. And thanks to the proliferation of internet access and cheap mobile phones, this has become quite easy, even in developing regions.


  1. Blockchain Technology

This technology has been integral to the growth of online casinos as it addresses two key concerns, as follows:

  • Fairness: Trust is important in the casino industry. Players must trust that the operators have not tweaked the games to favour the house. In the same way, operators must trust that players will not interfere with the random number generation software or other site features. As such, many casinos now use blockchain technology, ensuring both parties hold up their ends of the deal. Once a transaction takes place, both parties must agree before one can change it.

  • Payments: For a long time, players wanted payment methods that were fast, secure, and private. And while e-wallets and card payments were fast and secure, they lacked privacy. Cryptocurrencies have solved this by allowing players to deposit and withdraw money without sharing their financial data. Moreover, these currencies often gain value based on market demand and can be good investments.

Blockchain’s involvement in online casinos will only increase as operators and players embrace safer and more reliable transactions.


  1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Playing in online casinos is often a convenient way to experience casino games. However, most players have asserted that the games feel different from physical games. After all, many of them enjoy socialising with others and the feeling of being in a live game. At the same time, many of these players still want the convenience of 24/7 gaming, cheap games, no dress codes, and a variety of games. Is there a way to kill two birds with one stone? Of course! VR is the new kid in town, which allows players to adapt avatars and engage with others in a virtual casino. They can enjoy the benefits of live games by talking to others while banking on online casino benefits. Many operators have introduced VR to their games in addition to augmented reality. And with VR headsets becoming more common, their prices are set to drop.


Additional trends include live games and the use of AI in marketing. In the latter case, players have benefited from tailored game selections based on their preferences, enabling them to avoid cookie-cutter ads and bonuses. It’s been a win-win for them and the casino marketing teams.


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