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The Forgotten Versatility of Woodwork

To say that woodworking is forgotten is, of course, not entirely true. It is something that people hold in very high regard, and is often thought of as being especially appealing when it comes to interior design – both at home and in professional settings.

However, when you are talking about manufacturing on a more industrial scale, it is easy to get lost in the vast swathes of steel and concrete that ultimately dominate the landscape. If you are in this industry yourself, it’s worth remembering the versatility of wood as a material (or rather an umbrella term of materials) so that you might incorporate it into your own operations.

Your Niche

A lot of this depends on what kind of business you are running. Manufacturing is one of those industries where there is an inherent need from many different audiences for what you provide, meaning that it’s an industry that is relatively consistent in its growth.

There are so many competitors, though, that you might struggle to carve out a niche. Woodwork might provide that niche in itself. What is worth being aware of, though, is how this niche might impact what you’re making, the kind of audience you’re appealing to, and how long your work takes.

The Tools in Question

However, as with any material, wood comes with its own tools that are necessary to get the most out of it. Even when it comes to tools and technologies that you might be familiar with in manufacturing – such as laser engravers – you might not know which is
the best laser engraver for wood. That distinction is important, as it goes further depending on the type of woodyou are using, as well as variances even within the same wood – such as ½ plywood, ¼ plywood, cabinet grade plywood, etc.

In regards to the more straightforward tools that you might have to use – handsaws, protective gear, carpentry benches, sanding materials – all of these are going to be unique to woodworking. If the USP of the business you are behind is promoting the idea of your brand being more relatable, sustainable or bespoke, this could be something you can lean into in your marketing. You might look to present yourself as an alternative to more typically industrial or corporate competitors by promoting your woodworking as a sign of your grounded nature.

Other Trades

It is not all about manufacturing, though, and this could be where the true versatility of woodwork begins to shine. If you are considering what woodwork has in store for you as a career prospect, you might explore platforms like Etsy that allow people to make their own furniture or decorations (like plant pots) with wood and sell them online. Seeing a market for something you might have once considered a hobby can give you an idea of how to turn that passion into a career. There are other routes, though – you could work commercially, become someone who makes furniture, or go into interior design.

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