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The Best Payment Gateways for 2021

These days, most businesses are starting to move online and are accepting payments for products or services through their websites. While this process can appear seamless for customers making a payment online, business owners need to go through a lengthy process to implement the right gateway. Not only do you need a gateway that is secure, but it also must be quick and low-cost.

So, which are the best payment gateways in 2021? Read on to hear our thoughts.


Stripe is often regarded as one of the most effective and secure payment gateways and tons of business owners around the world use it. Stripe has been around since 2011 and since then, has grown to become a business that claims to have facilitated purchases for 90% of online shoppers in the USA.

If you are looking for a payment gateway that supports a range of currencies and payment types, Stripe might just be the perfect option. It is most effective in e-commerce and offers features such as one-click checkout.


Did you know that PayPal has been around since 1999? However, it wasn’t until 2002 that it was acquired by eBay and it really became a household name. While it started small, it is possible to use PayPal in a number of applications online, with many customers preferring the security that this method offers. Whether you are hoping to buy a new jacket, book a trip or try some casino games online, PayPal is often a great choice.

PayPal is reported to increase checkout conversions by 44% and it is easy to implement. Customers feel safe with the additional login security barrier and fees are often low.


Another long-standing payment gateway that you should consider for your business website is Authorize.Net. This option has been around since 1996 and it is known as one of the oldest providers available. Some of the advantages of this method include the fact that it works anywhere in the world and it is really easy to use.

For business owners, the platform is really easy to use, and it is perfect for new sellers. This might be one to consider for your online store.


Have you heard of Jack Dorsey? Not only was Jack one of the co-founders of Twitter but he also created the payment gateway Square back in 2009. This online payment solution is suitable for use on smart devices, and it is very effective. One of the main advantages of this payment gateway is the lack of start-up costs and the free card reader that you receive when you join.

Square can accept payments both online and in person, so it is the perfect flexible approach.

Final Verdict

As you can see, you have a lot of excellent options when it comes to finding a payment gateway for your business. Consider what matters most to you – security, ease of set-up or low fees and make the right decision. Don’t forget that you can always switch over in the future as new gateways are invented!

Image Source: Pixabay

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