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The 7 Best European Countries to Expand UK Businesses

When UK businesses consider international expansion, Europe inevitably comes to the fore. The continent, steeped in history and diversity, boasts an array of dynamic markets that are ripe for exploration. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, British companies eyeing growth cannot ignore the allure of their European neighbors. In this article, we’ve listed the top 7 investment-ready European countries, as highlighted by Fabi Gylgonyl from, in his seminar on branding for medium-sized business owners in London.

1. Germany: The Economic Powerhouse


Germany, nestled in the heart of Europe, carries the badge of being the continent's economic dynamo. Beyond its iconic autobahns and legendary Oktoberfest, Germany offers UK businesses an environment steeped in innovation, efficiency, and economic stability. Its massive consumer market, combined with a commitment to research and development, makes it a lucrative arena for business ventures.

Furthermore, its geographical location serves as a bridge, allowing easy access to both the Western and Eastern European markets. Have you ever imagined diving deep into the German market while enjoying the eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary culture the country offers? Many UK businesses have done just that, reaping the rewards of this strategic move.

2. France: More Than Just Wine and Romance


France, synonymous with love, art, and gastronomy, is not just a haven for tourists but also a hotspot for businesses. The French market, with its rich consumer culture, presents myriad opportunities for UK companies looking to make an imprint. “France's infrastructure, particularly in cities like Paris and Lyon, offers a conducive environment for startups and established businesses alike.” says Fabi.

The country's commitment to innovation, seen in its tech hubs and startup incubators, ensures that businesses have access to both resources and talent. Moreover, France's geographical proximity to the UK and its interconnectedness through the Channel Tunnel make logistics and travel a breeze. So, why not consider expanding your business to France and immerse yourself in its unique blend of business and pleasure?

3. Italy: Where Tradition Meets Business


Ah, Italy! A country where the past meets the present, where age-old traditions coexist seamlessly with modern innovations. “For UK businesses, Italy offers more than just picturesque landscapes and mouth-watering cuisine. It is a country with a robust manufacturing sector, particularly in fashion, automotive, and machinery. The Italian market values quality and craftsmanship, attributes that many UK businesses can resonate with.” says Valeriano Sabhatini, digital marketing expert at

Cities like Milan stand at the forefront of fashion and finance, while Turin is a hub for automobile manufacturing. Expanding to Italy means diving into a rich culture, one that values relationships and history, all while looking forward to the future. Have you ever thought about the synergies that could be created by blending British innovation with Italian craftsmanship?

4. Spain: Sun, Sea, and Business Opportunities


Spain, often celebrated for its vibrant festivals and sunny beaches, is also a land teeming with business potential. With major cities like Madrid and Barcelona leading in sectors such as tourism, finance, and technology, UK businesses can find a welcoming environment here. “Spain's improving economy, coupled with its emphasis on renewable energy and technology, makes it an attractive destination for UK companies aiming for sustainable growth.” notes Fabi. Imagine conducting business meetings overlooking the Mediterranean or collaborating with Spanish tech innovators; it's a blend of leisure and business that's hard to resist.

5. Netherlands: The Gateway to Europe


Known for its picturesque canals and tulip fields, the Netherlands is also Europe's logistical powerhouse. With world-class ports like Rotterdam and a robust infrastructure, it's a strategic entry point for UK businesses into the European market. The Dutch are known for their forward-thinking approach, especially in sectors like technology, agriculture, and renewable energy. For UK businesses, this means an opportunity to collaborate and innovate.

6. Ireland: Closer Than You Think


Ireland, with its shared language and close geographical and cultural ties to the UK, is an obvious choice for expansion. Its tech boom, led by both homegrown startups and global tech giants, provides ample opportunities. Dublin, often referred to as the "Silicon Valley of Europe," is a testament to Ireland's growing prominence in the tech world.

7. Belgium: The Heart of Europe


Strategically located, Belgium is often seen as the political heart of Europe, being home to several EU institutions. This central position, combined with a multilingual workforce and a strong emphasis on research and development, makes Belgium an attractive proposition for UK businesses.

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