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Strategies for a First-class Estate Agent Marketing Campaign

The property market is one of the most competitive and lucrative markets in the UK. For a local estate agent to gain business you must make sure you stand head and shoulders above the crowd. The goal for most local estate agents is to be the most recognised agent to your target market and customer base. The agent people trust and return to time and time again.

You need to make sure your targeted customer base knows your business and are informed about your business. To achieve this, you first need to make sure you provide the best service you can to the customer. Secondly, you need a series of strong marketing strategies to attract potential clients to your agency, encompassing available digital avenues and targeted local campaigns.

In such a competitive market it is imperative you get noticed or are known in your local area. Simply put, if you cannot gain business from your local area, you are not achieving your market potential and your business goals.

This article will give you the elements of an effective marketing campaign, specifically designed for your estate agent business. This will demonstrate how an effective campaign is a symbiotic relationship between local and online marketing factors. It is important to note, before this article gets going, to remember that marketing strategies differ from business to business.


Let’s start with your website

The first and one of the most crucial steps is to make sure your website is as visually appealing and informative as possible. It is surprising how many businesses fail to address and ignore their websites and subsequently question why visitors are not converting into sales or enquiries.

Think of your website as a digital platform from which you can build your online presence and form the basis for your online marketing campaign. It is crucial that you put a significant amount of time into making certain your website is developed, informed and optimised to ensure the best user experience possible. Thinking of your website as an experience for the user is a useful point to consider as you develop your website – you want the user to spend a considerable amount of time looking through your services and listings.

There are several but effective measures you should consider:

1.    How up to date is your website? Outdated information and content can be counter-intuitive when engaging with the user. The most updated and informative website will provide you with the basis to successfully engage with the user.

2.    Is the layout of your website working? In updating your website with relevant information and new content, we have the tendency to try and fill every space available on the webpage. However, it is important not to crowd your website.

3.    How easy is it to navigate through your website?

Engaging, authoritative and interesting content:

This is your chance to produce Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy content, with the aim to engage with and build a relationship with your customer base through answering questions they may have.  Regular, consistent and reliable content is a clever and simple way of increasing your reputation and outreach into your target audience.

Buying, selling or renting a property for many can be an extremely stressful and intimidating process, with people often looking for advice or comfort throughout. By posting regular pieces of content on the subject or providing answers to their questions, your target audience will instinctively return to you for advice in the future.

The residential property market provides several topics to base pieces on content on. From writing about home improvements to guides on how to sell a house quickly, or the technicalities of the selling process is your chance to continuously engage with your target audience. Regular engagement with your audience will translate in traffic to your website and therefore increase the probability of conversions into the use of your services.

Google My Business and Google Posts

Google is here to help you gain as much traffic as possible, and there are two tools which are here for your benefit.

If you haven’t already it is time you claimed your Google My Business Account, it is extremely useful for residential real estate marketing to attract your local customer base. This useful tool allows you to take charge of what the users see when they do a local search for your business and provide you with the capability of updating your business profile with the most up-to-date information. From adding your phone number, your address, to photos of your business, it allows you to show the key and important points s to the User.  It is crucial the information you advertise is 100% accurate – if the information is out of date or wrong this can work against you.

Now you are set up with your Google My Business account, it is time to get verified on Google Posts. This is your chance to post updates, announcements, images and events directly onto google which will appear highly ranked in Google search results for your business. This is another avenue to promote engagement. Without having to find your latest news on your website, this provides the user with a quick and precise snippet of news.

Before this piece moves onto the local aspect of the marketing campaign for your real estate business, the points above are only some of the online measures that can be pursued. The points listed above should be the starting point of your online marketing campaign, once you have all these points in place, you will be in a strong position. It is from this position you can pursue other elements:

-    Social Media. Create a buzz around your business

-    Targeted email campaigns

-    Specific SEO strategies

Local and Geo-Targeted Advertising

As mentioned, for a marketing campaign to succeed it needs to be integrated and encompass a mixture of elements to ensure you are reaching potential. This next section of this piece is going to outline local advertising elements you can pursue alongside your structured  online campaign.

Geo-Targeted Advertising

As a local real estate business, your main target market and customer base should be people on your doorstep. Geo-targeted advertising allows your adverts to appear in the locations of your choice, this gives you the opportunity to specifically target the right areas where your target market is based and where your business can serve them. This aspect of the marketing campaign is designed to help you find the customers who are the best fit for you.

Local advertising

In such a competitive marketplace, you need to be different and make the use of local advertising avenues available to your real-estate business. Through clever and well-targeted adverts around your local area can place you above your closest competitors. With the nature of the property market, customers will carefully do their research to make sure they are getting the best representation for that area, you want your business to feature at the top of the list. Therefore, local advertising is crucial to your campaign. It is important to target the right areas where they will be significant interest from your adverts and exposure to your target market, areas such as transport hubs, petrol stations and supermarkets are good examples.

Petrol Station advertising is increasingly becoming a popular method to advertise your business. With the ability to advertise on petrol pump nozzles, it allows businesses to engage with a substantial amount of people on a daily basis. It takes on average 3 minutes to fill your car up, during such a boring and mundane task it is natural for our eyes to wonder and focus on as we wait. This is where AdNozzles are extremely clever and useful, they provide with something to focus as we wait for a set length of time – this is where your estate agency marketing comes into play. As petrol stations are a necessity for many, they are a great and up and coming place to advertise a local business and reach your target market.

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