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Small Business Data Storage: 4 Things To Consider

Cloud storage is a great way to back up your data and keep it safe. And when it comes to cloud-based storage, there are many options to choose from, but all of them haven’t been created equally. It is why it’s advisable to first do your research before selecting the most appropriate cloud storage provider that can best meet your business needs.  
But making this decision is easier said than done because there are many factors you need to consider to help you know the perfect cloud storage solution. To ease this process, look no further and outlined below is a guide of the most important factors to consider when looking for a cloud storage provider. Let’s get started.  
1. Security Capabilities 
When comparing the different cloud-based storage options, you must first know your security needs. It is especially critical because cybersecurity today is more widespread than before, and you don’t want your company’s sensitive information to find itself in the hands of hackers. Otherwise, you expose yourself to corporate espionage or blackmail, which are the last things you want as a business owner.  
With this in mind, you need to choose a cloud storage provider that uses innovative data-encryption techniques to protect your confidential information. The cloud storage provider can adopt different approaches to accomplish this goal, and these include;  
• 24/7 monitoring of the servers 
• Installation of video cameras and access controls 
• Carry out routine security audits 
• Use firewalls and data encryption 
• Round-the-clock monitoring of the network system 
• Use of anti-virus software 
Your ideal cloud storage provider should at least offer these security features to ensure their safety from the wrong hands. It will give you peace of mind and better focus on your core business goals knowing the safety of your data is guaranteed.
2. Data Storage Location 
It’s easy to assume that the cloud data storage location doesn’t matter because data can be stored anywhere across the globe, and you can quickly access it when needed. However, this is far from the truth because your data is stored in an actual physical location. Because of this, you must prudently consider the location where a cloud storage provider stores the data.  
Knowing the exact location where your data is stored is critical since the last thing you want is to suffer legal reinfection due to keeping your data in that particular locality. It is because laws governing access and how data can be controlled differ from one country to another. Therefore, you must first ask a cloud storage provider where they store their data, and this is particularly vital if they use servers outside your country.  
Another reason to consider location is that you don’t want the servers of a cloud vendor to be situated in an area susceptible to environmental and natural disasters, for instance, hurricanes or earthquakes. You must also verify whether the cloud storage provider has the proper infrastructure solutions. Doing all this will be critical because you want to work with a cloud storage provider that aligns with your business goals.  
3. Consider The Price 
Another thing to consider when looking for a cloud storage provider is how much they charge for the services offered. Doing this is advised because prices can differ greatly depending on the available features. For example, some storage solutions will charge a low price but don’t include many features. In contrast, others charge a higher fee but include many features.  
To help you find the right balance between the price and the features, make sure first to examine your needs to identify the perfect cloud storage provider. It will also help make this process less complicated when searching for a cloud vendor.  
4. Compliance 
Many industries have compliance standards that must be adhered to guarantee the stored data’s safety. If the industry in which your business operates observes these standards, you’ll need to pick a cloud storage provider that’s compliant with them. Otherwise, storing data with them might put your business at risk due to disregarding the set regulations.  
Knowing this, you must opt for a cloud storage provider compliant with the set industry standards concerning data storage. It is especially critical if your business is in the healthcare or finance industry. It’s also worth noting that compliance with regulations varies by country and industry, so you must choose a provider that complies with the relevant regulations. For example, if you’re a healthcare provider, you must comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations in the United States.  
Choosing a cloud storage solution can be difficult. There are many factors to think about, and each solution is different, so it can be hard to decide which cloud vendor is the best for your needs. Luckily, you shouldn’t have such an issue any longer after reading this comprehensive article to ponder when searching for a cloud storage solution. Using these insights, you’ll be able to make a prudent decision and choose the right storage provider for your small business.   
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