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Signs That It’s Time for a Website Overhaul

You tweak your site once in a while to announce updates. You also want your target audience to feel that there’s something new for them. Some of your loyal followers will keep coming back to check for updates. If they realize that things are always the same, they might not come back. They will find other websites to explore and it will lead them into the arms of your competitors. These are the signs that it’s time for your website to undergo a major overhaul.

Your web traffic is getting lower

You can control web traffic and determine the number of unique visitors. If the trend is going down even if your company’s sales are steady, it means that the website isn’t effective. Changing the overall design and approach might help increase the company’s sales too. 

You haven’t done major changes for almost a year

Imagine eating the same dish each day for a week. Wouldn’t that make you feel disgusted with your food? It might be the same feeling people have if they keep looking at your website and things are the same. They won’t find anything meaningful so they will jump to other options where they’ll get something new. Rearrange the tabs if possible. Change the theme. Add some attractive photos. Publish new blogs. These changes could make the site interesting for a lot of people. 

Your conversion rate is low

The conversion rate refers to the number of people who decide to visit your website and eventually buy what you have to offer. If it’s high, it means that the website is effective in presenting the products. People feel compelled to use their money to buy something. If not, it means that there’s nothing interesting for them. They didn’t like what they saw and decided to leave the page without buying anything.

You receive lots of feedback

Harsh comments might be painful to hear and sometimes you just have to ignore them. However, there are instances when they are valid. You need to listen to what people have to say. For instance, they will tell you if it’s difficult to navigate the site. Others will say that the site looks dry and uninviting. If you see similar comments, it might be time to listen and make the necessary changes. You can also attract more people if you show that you listen to suggestions. Besides, if they went out of their way to leave comments, it means that they care. Even if you don’t like how they said the comments, it’s okay. If they’re not potential or existing customers, they won’t bother to leave comments.

Now that you see the need for changes, it’s time to do something. Work with a web design expert like the ones at Design Agency Oxford so that you can implement the changes. You can also prevent problems from happening when more people decide to visit your website. You have to compete with other companies and changing your website is an essential part of the process.


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