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Should You Replace or Repair Your Window?

When you have a period property, and you want to update its windows, what do you do? Should you have the windows repaired or replaced? The different parts of the house, including the windows, reflect its character, and along with the roofing and cladding materials, set the tone for the entire property. Thus, renovating your windows will improve the look of your home.

Some legal things you should know

Unless your renovation project makes significant changes to your home, you do not have to apply for specific planning consent. However, it is better to check your council's requirements. Some councils require homeowners to ensure that the original method of opening, the materials, and the period property's design is maintained.

If the building is listed, you should know that replacement is strictly controlled, and you should secure a listed building consent, and the same applies to style alterations or addition of double-glazing.

Repairing the windows

If your windows look tired, the immediate thing that comes to mind is to replace them. However, it is possible to bring back the functionality and beauty of damaged windows, including original steel-framed windows, by hiring an experienced Crittall replacement company.

The tips we have here refer to various issues the homeowners commonly encounter.

Draughty windows

The most significant cause of heat loss from old windows is draughts. The old windows may have developed gaps and cracks, or they have condensation and mould growth. To upgrade the window, you can insert the correct draught-proofing strips or apply another layer of glazing on the windows' internal side. Any of the methods will help reduce the entry of dust and exterior noise.

Repairing the window is more cost-effective than replacing the entire unit. When you are working with a specialist, they can replace the pane with condensation, clean and refurbish corroded metal or put in welded sections to replace parts of bowed metal.

Window replacement

In some cases, you cannot avoid replacing a window. Again, if you have a listed building, do check the Building Regulations so you meet the compliance requirements. Some of the regulations emphasise the following:

Part L1B. Assurance of good thermal performance

Part Q. Minimum security standards

Band C. Meeting the minimum Window Energy Rating

1.6 W/m2K. Meet the threshold U-value (thermal transmittance - the rate of transfer of heat through a structure)

If you are installing factory-made double glazed products and are properly installed, you can already meet the standard. You can also order a bespoke unit from a specialist firm, which knows and follows the standards.

The good thing about metal windows is that they are extremely low-maintenance. The frames are made of powder-coated aluminium, bronze and galvanized steel. Metal frames have the slimmest sightlines, which are suitable for both contemporary and traditional house designs. They are beneficial as well because they maximise the amount of natural light that enters your home.

Replacing a Crittall window is not cheap, but the investment will pay for itself because, it is a high-quality product with about 45 years of service life.
If replacing the window is the only option, remember that you have to meet the Building Regulations' requirements, so that you know if you need to have a planning permit for a listed building

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