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Shannon Atkins from JohnSlots Discusses Why Casino Softwares Constantly Innovate

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We all know that businesses have to innovate. In order to stay competitive and fall in line with consumer expectations, innovation is needed to update a company’s output, aesthetic, usability, and accessibility.

This is why online casino platforms look so different today than they did ten years ago. Across the market – which is now full of thousands of casinos, sitting at a total of nearly $70 billion – casinos have been updating their softwares and consistently innovating to give players what they want.

We wanted to learn a little more about this from a business-to-consumer standpoint, but we’re no experts in the industry. Thankfully, we know someone who is. A few weeks ago, we sat down with casino software specialist Shannon Atkins from Johnslots, discussing how and why casino softwares are constantly innovating, and what it means for the future of iGaming.

Hi Shannon, we wanted to talk about casino softwares and we thought you might know a thing or two about them.

Hey! As a matter of fact, I do. My expertise is in game providers and casino software providers. As you can imagine in this technology-orientated world, I’m kept on my toes all the time!

We know that innovation is important for many reasons, but we wanted to look a little deeper into casino software. Why is it important to innovate softwares in the iGaming scene?

It’s important in the same way it’s important for every business. If you’re in a competitive market, then you cannot stay still. You need to keep on getting better, and this is also true for software. For an online casino, software providers determine the overall gaming experience for the player.

You can innovate your site, make it look sleek and shiny, and you can offer more and more games to give the players more choice, but that counts for nothing if you haven’t innovated your software.

What does good casino software look like?

A good gaming experience, that’s what! If you’re a software provider, you’re responsible for the UI, the performance, the usability, the mobile compatibility, the security – just about everything, really! Every mark needs to be hit, too. You could be the best provider of performance, usability, and security, but what if the mobile compatibility is not there? Nearly every member of the online casino community plays on their phone, so they’re going to switch off and turn to another casino. Of which, there are thousands.

What’s the biggest trend in casino software right now?

In 2024, what customers are looking for most of all is security. We all want to feel safe when we’re playing online, and we want to feel secure when we’re depositing our money or withdrawing our winnings. That’s what casino software has to prioritise in their continued efforts to innovate. And to be fair, they’re all doing a good job.

As a trusted specialist, I examine and analyse a number of different software providers everyday, and you can see just how far they’ve come since a decade ago. Encryption technology has had a big impact in this regard, as well as TSLand SSL ID verification, and two-step verification.

I’ve come across loads that have implemented the latest encryption technology to not only ensure transactions are safe, but player details are adequately protected from hackers.

I reckon AI will also have a big impact in the future. We’re already starting to see software providers using AI software to personalise the user experience, making it far more individual, accessible, and safe.’

You mentioned safety there. But how do players know what casinos to choose without actually using them?

Research. These days, it is so easy to know what you’re getting yourself into without actually getting yourself into it!

Just look at me. My job is to analyse casino software and game providers, identify the top-tier across the market, and then recommend the most reputable platforms. What I’m doing is helping the iGaming community make a decision about the best casinos without doing all the hard work themselves.

And there are countless others out there. It’s really important that you read trusted reviews and get a good idea about a casino before you make any sort of transaction. This isn't just for safety or security, either. It’s for efficiency.

The best thing about the online casino industry is that it’s convenient. You want to immediately log into a casino and have a strong experience. The best way to ensure this convenience is by reading reviews and choosing the best software providers in the industry.’

We’ll be sure to do just that! Shannon Atkins, thank you very much for your time.

My pleasure!



Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

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