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Scandinavian products in the UK after Brexit

While Brexit may have been the dream for some, it has posed various problems when it comes to receiving Scandinavian goods. This is because there has been a massive change in the way these goods are able to travel between countries. With Brexit in play, all goods coming into the UK are checked by officials and will undergo VAT. All businesses, whether from the EU or Scandinavian countries outside the EU jurisdiction are all treated the same with all companies required to fill out declaration forms which are an added cost and also time-consuming to complete. This has caused delays at the border.

Smaller companies hit harder

Not everyone is affected though, but, due to new tax rules and fees from the Brexit rules, many smaller Scandinavian companies have stopped selling their goods to the UK. This is especially noticeable in the smaller, specialists retailer sector. Noticeably, popular items such as Scandinavian slippers are no longer available. However, items such as nicotine pouches which come from larger companies, have not been so affected. Happily, this does not look like it will be a long-standing issue, as there are negotiations underway to reduce the newly placed customs declarations and VAT protocols these goods now have to undergo.

Joining with Nordic countries

But, it's not all bad news for there's a strong possibility that once the initial transition period out of the EU is over, other deals will be struck. In fact, Iceland has already urged the UK to join the Nordic Alliance which comprises non-EU countries. Doing so would mean that trade between member countries would be smooth once more, with faster border controls and reduced paperwork. Even now though, most of the Nordic products are still available to UK consumers, particularly those from big companies - that's right, Scandinavian outdoor clothing is still available and IKEA isn't going anywhere any time soon in the UK!


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