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Reasons why online notary services are valuable when notarizing documents

Changes in interpersonal communication have been particularly noticeable in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic. Whether it's the education sector, the workplace, or the service delivery sector, remote services are everywhere. It has long been accepted practice to have a document notarized in person, with the signer having to schedule an appointment with the notary in advance and physically appear at the notary's office on the appointed day. To combat the rapid spread of COVID-19, the government has advocated for the use of "Remote Online Notarization services," or RON, which have been around for some time. Due to the benefits, it gives both signers and public notaries, the government has authorized online notary services in the vast majority of states.

How common is the use of virtual notaries by those who sign documents?

When using RON for virtual notarization, papers are signed remotely while the signer and public notary correspond in real time over the RON platform. RON can be used to notarize any legal document in your state. There is a wide variety of documents that need to be notarized:

• mortgage documents;

• contract terms for purchases;

• loan approval documents;

• name change documents, and many more.

Now that RON is allowed in most places, document signers no longer have to physically present in front of a public notary to get a notarization of their papers.

Before the notarial procedure can proceed, the signer must demonstrate his or her identity via KBA and identity verification. Afterward, the public notary has the option of notarizing the document by attaching a signature and seal in electronic form that has been accepted by the state. Notarization sessions conducted using online electronic platforms can be recorded and stored for future use. Increases in the number of daily online notarizations suggest that RON is quickly replacing traditional in-person notarization, and this has led to a growth in the need for online notary services.

According to an ALTA survey, post-pandemic RON consumption jumped by 547 percentage points in 2020 compared to 2019. It's obvious that the benefits to the public and notaries themselves have contributed to the broad acceptance of remote online notarization. People typically look up document notary online when they need a legal document notarized, and once they learn that they can get the same service quickly and easily from an online notary, they often choose that method.

Online notary services are both quick and easy to use

Many states have passed legislation authorizing the use of remote online notaries. The most obvious benefit of having a document notarized is that it saves time. The standard technique for notarizing documents requires two parties to physically appear before a public notary and have their signatures and/or seals authenticated in the presence of the notary. In addition, employing in-person notarization services might be difficult for those who need to have their documents notarized for formal purposes but are currently located outside of the country.

The time and effort required to go to a physical location to get papers notarized are avoided when using the virtual notary. Alternatively, consumers may get their document notarizations underway instantly with the online scheduling system. Even if you are currently abroad of the country and need to have a document notarized so that you can finish the necessary procedures, you may do it instantly by making use of electronic notarial services.

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