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Mobile Penetration Testing: What Is It?

Cybercriminals are constantly changing their tools and tactics in their quest for profit.  Vulnerable systems and programs are a tidbit for them. To test how resilient your application is to such hacker attacks, system and program penetration testing were invented. Such a test is usually called a pentest. It helps to understand how your security measures work, where there are flaws and loopholes. Simply put, it's the same as a hacker attack, only completely under your control. Also, in this way you can prepare your experts to repel hacker attacks if they occur in the future. If you want to find specialists who can help you with the mobile penetration testing of android applications, visit the Hacken website.

Hacken Penetration Testing Services for Android Applications

The main purpose of penetration testing is to find vulnerabilities in the system infrastructure and weaknesses in customer applications. These problems could potentially bring great losses to the company in the event of a hack.  Penetration testing also helps you understand how effective your IT security policies are and whether they need to be improved. You can order such a service from Hacken. This company has been pentesting android applications and other programs for years.

Why Choose Hacken?

Hacken has many advantages. On their website ( you can read about them all, but we have highlighted the most important ones:

Pentest of android applications is the specialization of the team. They do their job better than anyone else on the market, providing quality services. Years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers are a confirmation of our words.

Hacken thinks like hackers, only it does not help the latter. Understanding all methods and ways of data leakage, Hacken does not leave even the slightest chance for intruders to hack your data.

Such tests can sometimes lead to inconvenience for users and developers themselves, but Hacken tries to minimize the harm. 

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