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Marketing Tactics to Integrate into your 2021 Strategy

2021 will definitely be the year of innovation. With so many companies navigating their business strategies in another direction, and the world of digital being more prominent than ever – much more focus will be placed on marketing and how to get businesses standing out from the crowd. Here, we have listed some marketing tactics that you may want to integrate into your 2021 strategy.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t exactly new – however it is something that a increasing number of brands are looking to integrate into their strategy particularly if you are selling a product. When choosing an influencer to represent you, make sure you take a good look at their previous posting history to make sure they fit in with your company message, and ask them for statistics on engagement, impressions etc so you can get an educated guess on return on investment before making payment.

Live Streaming

You will notice, particularly in the events industry that streaming has taken a much more prominent role in marketing on social media. Gone are the days where you need to attend awards ceremonies in person, you can now tune in on YouTube or Facebook. People are also using this functionality to push and promote products, and even host Q&A’s to give users the chance to engage and ask questions.

Email Marketing Campaigns

There is no doubt people are on their emails more than ever before, so it’s definitely a good time to capitalise on that. In order to build up that subscription base, make sure that you are pushing out valuable content that is useful to the user. In order to make the most of your contacts, make sure you segment your data, so you are sending effective email marketing campaigns to the right demographics. Also be sure to analyse the statistics of them so you can see how well they are doing.

Video Marketing

Video marketing will be highly important in 2021. Videos are an impactful way of showcasing brands and getting brand messaging across. Videos are also looked upon more favourably in social media algorithms, so are more likely to reach a larger demographic. You don’t need to be a fancy production company to get videos pushed out, there are lots of template video makers that could help you on your way. If you are planning on recording yourself – then you can get green screens, tripods etc for affordable prices to make things look more professional.

Use Chat Bots

Chat bots are becoming increasingly popular on social media channels, and they are also more sophisticated than ever. You can not only use them to interact with the user once they initiate conversation, but you can also use them as a lead generation tool too to make proactive steps to reach customers based on their interests.

If you are getting ready to create your marketing campaigns for 2021, make sure you look at integrating some of these strategies into what you have planned.


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