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Know your face masks

Respiratory masks suddenly entered widespread use during the pandemic. However, higher accessibility has raised questions about the quality of masks on offer and complacency about when to wear a mask. This is particularly worrying given that you must have the right face mask for the job at hand.

Cloth facial coverings

Cloth facial coverings have been widely used by the UK public during the pandemic. You can either make your own cloth facial coverings, or there are plenty of fashionable options produced by a variety of different companies.

If you are carrying an infection, cloth facial coverings are a good way of limiting the spread. However, it is important to note that they will not protect the user from external infections. These face coverings are not officially classified as PPE and shouldn’t be worn to protect users in medical or industrial settings. Instead, you will need a more sophisticated mask.

Surgical and medical masks

Surgical and medical masks are more sophisticated forms of face coverings that have also been used to protect the public from COVID-19. They have more protection than cloth coverings and they are designed with uniform standards. As such, they are considered a form of PPE and are often used by medical workers. N95 and FFP2 are among the most effective surgical and medical masks: their use was made mandatory on public transport in Germany and Austria for a start. These masks come with a filter that can protect the user efficiently from germs and infections. When purchasing personal protective equipment for yourself or your workforce, it is important that you invest in authentic wear from a certified PPE distributor to protect your employees and improve safety in the workplace.

Respiratory masks

Some types of industries involve jobs that require workers to wear respiratory masks. These are mainly used in construction or home improvement jobs, where there is a risk of inhaling dangerous substances such as asbestos. Hazardous substances in the workplace can damage your lungs over time and it is worth taking preventative steps. Respirators work by using filters to remove contaminants from the air. There are even powered respirators that use a motor to pass air through the filter, giving the user a constant supply of fresh air. If you need added protection, breathing apparatus gives you a supply of fresh air from an independent source such as a cylinder.

Such situations require the user to consider the severity of risk that is being undertaken and pick out the appropriate equipment for the job.

Face masks can provide you with protection in a number of different settings from everyday travel to work. By following the guide above, you should be all set to pick out the protection that is best for you and your workers.


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