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This review helps to break down EXANTE’s ideal client type, and gives some guidance to both corporate and individual traders looking to open accounts. The review is split into two parts, one focusing on individual private traders and the other on investment managers and corporate accounts. Traders need to understand their own needs thoroughly before choosing an account type, as EXANTE offers a range of accounts and fee structures differ based on your selection.

All EXANTE traders qualify as professional clients, and accordingly the broker has low fees but high initial deposits. Since the target market is sophisticated investors, most prospective clients will be familiar with the requirements of the account, but smaller retail clients will not appreciate high minimum charges. To ensure you get the most out of an EXANTE trading account, you need to understand a bit about the company, its trading platform, and its products.

So who are EXANTE? 

EXANTE is a global fintech brand and trading platform that provides access to a vast array of financial instruments. EXANTE is used by private and institutional clients worldwide, being regulated by multiple financial jurisdictions, including the FCA in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong’s SFC, Maltese MFSA and CySEC in Cyprus. These jurisdictions place exacting requirements on EXANTE in terms of client money, reporting and segregation of funds.  

Founded in 2011 for the purpose of providing global access to financial markets, EXANTE has established itself as a fintech brand for professional traders. Their platform facilitates trading across major exchanges in the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region, which are accessible from anywhere in the world. Traders and investment managers use a single multi-currency account to access their investments, and EXANTE has evolved into a comprehensive trading platform. 

EXANTE's product offering is one of its standout features, with fast execution and low overall trading costs. Tradable instruments cover a wide spectrum of financial markets, including equities, metals, indices, bonds, options, futures, and forex. With a focus on fast execution, leveraged trading options, and support for various currencies, EXANTE allows professional traders to access global markets in one place.  The platform offers an extensive product range, with over a million listed products, and a trading interface designed to meet the needs of professional traders. EXANTE is a market leader in terms of  its range of financial instruments, efficient order execution, and data security. 

EXANTE’s client base is split into individual and corporate / institutional clients, with significant differences between the two account types. Corporate and individual accounts offer the same products, but have different minimum funding levels and must be opened as separate accounts, with no transferability between individual and corporate accounts. Accordingly, we have separated this review into two parts, so prospective traders can quickly check the most relevant features. Investment managers, brokers and family office staff will want to skip ahead to the next section. 


EXANTE review: Private individuals 


For private individuals interested in trading with EXANTE, it's important to note that the broker caters to a professional clientele, not the classic retail day-trading market. The minimum deposit requirement for an individual trading account is relatively high, starting at €10,000. This entry barrier may be challenging for some retail traders, but traders who struggle to meet the minimum balance are probably not those who will benefit most from this trading platform. If you are a casual, small-scale trader, we suggest you look elsewhere.  

For clients who can afford the initial outlay of funding their account, EXANTE offers significant advantages. Fees are charged as spreads, which are tight by industry standards. Additionally, EXANTE offers technical support including outside of market hours, which can help avoid downtime on your trading strategies. Specific aspects of the EXANTE trading experience are reviewed below: 

Product range 

EXANTE's product range is probably the standout feature. The broker offers access to an extensive and diverse set of financial instruments including derivatives and vanilla assets. These include equities, metals, indices, bonds, options, futures, and forex. With over a million listed products, EXANTE ensures that traders have access to a wide spectrum of financial markets, and all asset classes can be traded from a single multicurrency account, which saves time and effort. 

UX and platform 

EXANTE's trading platform is intuitive and easy to use, with MetaTrader compatibility. The platform is accessible across various devices, including desktop (compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux), mobile (iOS and Android), and web-based browsers. Traders can customize their experience with features like trade monitoring, account transfers, and precise order entry and exit modules. The highly-customisable platform is not overwhelming, so traders should find it quite simple to navigate. 

In the backend, EXANTE benefits from impressive security infrastructure. The platform incorporates two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security, supporting SMS, email, or one-time password app verification. This offers added protection to traders and is a welcome feature when trusting the broker with large deposits. 


EXANTE’s private trading platform gives individual traders access to an institutional-quality a global trading platform. Private individuals can benefit from a competitive fee structure in a simple and fun to use platform. Not everyone is suited to this broker though: Private day traders who prefer to deal in small volumes, or trade less frequently, will probably not benefit from an EXANTE account. 


EXANTE review: Corporate account holders 


EXANTE also offers its trading services to corporate and institutional clients. This section of the review is aimed at investment professionals working within brokerages, investment management companies, or family offices. EXANTE corporate accounts have a minimum deposit of €50,000, which is fairly typical by industry standards. The actual trading platform is similar to the individual offering, with a broad range of tradable assets including derivatives for hedging. EXANTE offers a good solution for small financial firms who do not have the necessary capital to trade with institutional desks at major banks, but still require access to global markets at a low cost. 

Product range 

The product range for corporate and private clients is identical to the individual platform. EXANTE’s product teams work with key clients to access new markets according to client needs, and accordingly professional and institutional needs are well reflected in EXANTE’s overall offering, seen especially in the 900,000 option contracts available. This broad range of derivatives allows brokers and investment managers to access very specific risks and payoffs, perfect for hedging client portfolios. Investors looking to use a corporate account for proprietary trading will find a highly usable platform compatible with third party plug-ins and tools. All in all EXANTE is an excellent choice for a corporate brokerage account. 

UX and platform 

In addition to all of the features – including MT4 compatibility – described above, EXANTE allows brokers to offer clients direct market access using the EXANTE platform. White label marketing is also possible for investment managers or private wealth managers who want client activity to take place entirely within a branded environment. Trading costs are competitive, with fast execution and a flexible range of orders available. EXANTE’s platform is powerful but not overwhelming for new users, making it appropriate for private wealth managers introducing clients to the platform as well as technically knowledgeable trading staff. As with individual clients, high levels of confidentiality protect brokers and their clients. 


EXANTE’s corporate account is perfect for small financial institutions such as wealth managers who do not have existing relationships with bank dealing desks. For larger clients, EXANTE still offers interesting opportunities in derivatives and in accessing global markets through a single account, so there is something for everyone here. As noted in the EXANTE individual account section, the range of products is remarkable and from a UX perspective EXANTE is ideally suited for internal use by trading staff as well as for white label or third party wealth management solutions. 


Overall summary 

EXANTE stands out as a versatile trading platform that caters to the diverse needs of both corporate dealers and private individuals. EXANTE describes itself as a regulated fintech brand offering access to global financial markets through live individual and corporate trading accounts, and our reviewers are pleased with the features available. Overall, EXANTE is a competitively priced broker offering a broad range of securities to professional investors.  

In terms of regulation, security, and compliance, EXANTE complies with the toughest international standards, with a particular focus on client confidentiality and data protection. One potential concern raised by our reviewers is the high minimum balances on EXANTE accounts, which highlight the broker’s role as a service provider for qualified investors. Accordingly, EXANTE may be less suitable for newer traders, particularly those with small overall budgets where the initial financial barrier to entry may present a challenge. With a minimum deposit requirement of €10,000 for individual accounts, it's a relatively high threshold by industry talents for private investors. This aspect might discourage inexperienced traders or those looking to begin their trading journey with a smaller investment. Furthermore, the platform is fully customisable and compatible with MT4, and the complexities of that platform means trading with EXANTE can have a steep learning curve. This may be intimidating for those unfamiliar with advanced trading tools and strategies. 

Despite some initial barriers for smaller traders, EXANTE emerges as an ideal platform for individuals with technical expertise in trading, as well as for corporate traders looking to introduce clients to the world of global financial markets. For those who are well-versed in trading and can meet the minimum deposit requirement, the benefits offered by EXANTE are substantial. We will now consider in more detail two types of prospective client: 

Private Wealth Managers: Private wealth managers will find EXANTE a valuable tool for introducing their clients to trading. The platform's comprehensive product range allows managers to diversify and optimise client investment portfolios either as managed investments or through introducing broker / white label services. Corporate accounts benefit from the platform's fast execution, leveraged trading options, and multi-currency support. Moreover, EXANTE's commitment to data security ensures the safe handling of sensitive client information can be carried out in compliance with local legislation. The minimum corporate account size of €50,000 is typical of the industry. 

Individual traders: EXANTE provides a sophisticated trading environment that is well-suited for skilled individual traders, but smaller traders should stay away. Well-funded traders can take advantage of the extensive product offerings to deal cover global markets from a single account, facilitating diversification and access to niche risks with derivatives. Additionally, the ability to trade with leverage and access multiple currencies offers flexibility to execute various trading strategies. The platform's user-friendly interface, equipped with trade monitoring and order entry tools, caters to the demands of experienced traders, and the option for third-party integration allows for the creation of customised apps, useful for proprietary traders. Traders must be aware that the minimum deposit of €10,000 is fairly high by industry standards. 

In summary, EXANTE is a highly competitive global broker catering to professional traders, including private wealth managers and skilled individual participants. While the platform sets a higher initial financial requirement than some of its competitors, it is well-suited for those who can meet this threshold and are looking to take on larger positions. For corporate accounts the minimum account size is fairly typical, and the product range involves a large range of derivatives for hedging purposes.  

Overall, EXANTE's product range, advanced trading tools, and data security measures make it an excellent choice for managing investments. Whether as a platform for private wealth managers to introduce clients to trading or for experienced individual traders, EXANTE offers comprehensive features and a secure environment for effective portfolio management. While the path to proficiency may be steep, the rewards are substantial for those who can overcome the initial challenges. 

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