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Is a College Degree Still Necessity?

Going to college has always been perceived as a necessary step to succeed in life. College education indeed has many advantages: it allows gaining in-depth knowledge, build social networks, mature emotionally, and narrow down one’s interests to a specific field.

According to the experts at Pay for Essay, most of their clients are still college students. However, with the introduction of online courses and distance education and the overall change in the labor market, college education has been losing its relevance. This article is an attempt to reflect on the necessity of college education compared to its alternatives.

College Education: Why You May Need It?

A college degree is a must for many professions. For example, if you want to become a doctor, you will need to get formal education at an accredited educational institution. The depth and complexity of knowledge and skills required means that informal online courses would not suffice. The same can be said about many other professions, such as lawyers, teachers, social workers, architects, etc.

Colleges are also an excellent place for those who haven’t decided what areas interest them the most. They allow students to attend different classes, take the courses they like, and reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. Writers providing the “buy essay ” service note that college students are often overwhelmed by the complexity and diversity of assignments. It takes time for them to adjust to the increased academic demands.

However, as a result, they are better equipped to decide who they want to be in life and what subjects attract them the most. College education has many educational advantages, but it is also associated with active involvement in campus activities.

Therefore, college is a must for those who value social experiences. Many young people find friends for life there and build social networks to progress in their careers. However, while all the listed advantages are significant, they do not always apply.

Alternatives to College Education

So, what are the alternatives to college education? The most obvious that comes to our mind is online courses. There are hundreds of online courses - both formal and informal - that are much more accessible than a college education. While some of them are not free, they are still less expensive than getting a traditional college degree. The best thing about online education is that you can decide when you want to study and how. You can adjust your schedule flexibly and choose the subjects you are genuinely interested in.

Even when students face challenges working independently, they can always ask for professional help by 2021′s Best Essay Writing Services in the U.S. - The Top 5. Other benefits of online courses include the following:

More opportunities for work-life balance.

Access to courses from all over the world.

Enhanced time management and self-motivation.

Improved virtual communication.

Advancement of technical skills.

Vocational education and trade schools are a good alternative for those willing to succeed in particular careers or trades. For example, you do not have to go to college to become a chef. In this profession, hands-on experience is far more important than theoretical knowledge delivered in colleges. Vocational education is usually shorter and cheaper than a college education, which means that students don’t have to wait for years before they can finally enter the labor market.

Next, apprenticeship is also a suitable option if you want to gain skills in manual work. Plumbing work, electrical work, carpentry, masonry, and similar specialties don’t require a college degree. However, they need much practical experience that can be gained as more experienced workers teach young people on site.

Finally, you can always join the military and gain a range of skills that cannot be taught at college. This option is particularly relevant for low-income students who cannot afford an expensive college education. Serving in the military allows gaining invaluable experience in various fields, from aviation to engineering, which can either be applied to climb the military ranks or build a career outside of the military.

Knowledge and Skills vs. College Degree

The truth is that although a college degree may help build a career in a particular field, it does not guarantee success. Employers pay attention to the skills, knowledge, and attitude above anything else. If you are self-disciplined, hard-working, reliable, and goal-oriented, the absence of formal education will not become a barrier for you.

Therefore, choose the option that suits your goals, financial resources, and interests.


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