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How To Zero In One Buyer Intent For A Better Ecommerce Site

Imagine if you could get into your potential customer’s head so you could see exactly what it is that motivates them to make a purchase. With this information you could craft your strategy for gaining customers very easily and make a lot more money.
Luckily, you can already sort of do this. So much information is gathered on the people using the internet, that you can pretty much figure out who is the most likely person to shop on your site. Then, you can make sure that your site is optimized to get more sales.
You can use a recommended ecommerce agency so you don’t have to do any guesswork, or you can take it into your own hands.
In this article, we will go over ways that you can do this for your own site if you’d rather not hire an agency to do it for you.
Have your funnel on point
Each stage of the funnel is going to represent a different stage of the buyer’s journey. So you should craft your content based on that for each stage. For instance, if you use content that is going for a sale right away then you’re waiting time and resources as the person at the beginning of the funnel is not ready yet to buy.
An example of the beginning of the funnel is somebody that is adding you on their social media account. That person is in the very early stages so the content should be something that excites them and entices them to want to learn more.
Then, if they click through they enter the next phase which presents a different mentality on the part of the customer and the content should match that.
Understand buyer intent keywords
Using SEO to attract the right potential customer to your site is an effective and also economic way to drive sales. You are getting somebody that is ready to buy or at least take action and can convert into a purchase later.
The key is to use the right keywords. If your content is such that your optimal call to action is to make a purchase then you don’t want to use keywords that will attract somebody that is just looking for information at that point.
Which means that you need to use keywords that a person ready to buy would use to find your site when they search on Google. Think about the words somebody would use to find a product that is going to solve a specific problem. If your product is a mousetrap, then you’d want to craft content around words like “Best mouse trap for kitchens” or “mousetrap for kitchens reviews”.
These are the words that somebody that has an immediate problem would use. As opposed to keywords like “How do I know if I have mice” as that person isn’t even sure if he needs your mouse trap or not yet. 
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