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How to Start Your Own Product Photography Company

Product photography can be a fun and lucrative career if you love taking pictures for businesses. And you can work in a variety of industries, too. For example, there are fashion & beauty photographers who work on photographing clothing, accessories, and makeup, or you can go into the technology field, the pet product industry, or even the car industry. The possibilities are endless. But starting your own product photography company can present a lot of challenges. So how can you go about making the process easier? Check out the tips below.

Get—and Learn—the Right Gear

Don't waste your money on unnecessary gear. Instead, focus on the gear you really need to make your product shots stand out against the competition. Initially, you will need some backdrops, lights, a camera in manual mode, a tripod, and maybe some reflectors.

Create a Website

To properly represent your work and host your portfolio for clients to see, you'll need your own website.  Purchase your domain name so it looks official and professional. Include samples of your work, and mention where your work has been published and the biggest names that you've worked with. Also be sure to include all of your contact information so clients can get in touch. You can also include short quotes from customers' feedback, a short biography about yourself, and your photo. Don't clutter your website; instead, keep it simple and easy to navigate. You also want to be certain that it's a responsive design that will display properly on mobile devices.

Know Where to Look for Customers

To start getting customers when you first launch your company, you'll need to know where to find them. Oftentimes, you can start locally and work with small businesses until you have developed a strong enough portfolio and you're able to develop a positive reputation. But rather than going for any old business, hone in on the ones that you are excited to work with and have the skills to succeed with. For example, if you're a food photographer, contact local restaurants. You should also attend seminars, trade shows, and networking events where you can meet people and promote your company to potential clients.

Market Your Business

Without the right marketing strategy, it doesn't matter how good you are, what equipment you have, or what your portfolio looks like. You need to get people to not only know about your company, but also be interested enough to purchase from you, so you have to prove your worth. Marketing yourself includes getting out there and meeting people by attending the events listed above or approaching small businesses that could use your services. But you should also hone in on advertising your business on social media, in local publications, and on local TV and radio stations. Once you have your business set up, be patient, as it will take time to find clients and retain them. But it will all be worth it once you're doing what you love for a living. 


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