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How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is becoming an increasingly popular career choice among millennials. While this generation doesn’t struggle with technology, pursuing a career in this field is easier said than done. Digital marketing requires a varied skill set, including the ability to communicate, write persuasively and build trust with consumers.


Despite advances in technology, the soft skills required in the marketing sphere haven’t changed much over the years. Digital marketers generally need to be driven by curiosity, practice empathy and active listening. However, in addition to these traditional skills, they need to have certain qualifications to stand out from the competition. Here are a few useful tips that could help you launch a career in digital marketing:


Work On Your Copywriting Skills


The ability to write persuasive copy is a central feature in digital marketing. It is also important to be able to tailor copy to meet the needs of any online channel, including emails, newsletters, websites, social media and product descriptions. A digital copywriter needs to have some level of analytical skills in order to know what works well in different circumstances.


Develop an Understanding of Google Analytics

Digital marketers need to wade through vast amounts of data, and Google Analytics is one of the tools that allows them to do this. Understanding how to analyse the data will allow them to learn how well marketing campaigns are performing, as well as consumer behaviour.


Learn About SEO

Next up are SEO skills. A well written piece of copy isn’t all that useful if the intended audience never read it. Search engine optimization involves employing various strategies that drive internet traffic to a web page. Since Google updates its algorithm quite regularly, digital marketers need to keep SEO skills constantly up-to-date.


Social Media Marketing

While most people understand how to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, social media marketing is far more complex. Digital marketers need to know how paid advertising works on these platforms, especially since the impact of organic reach on these portals is now fairly limited.


Present Yourself in the Best Light

When applying for a career in digital marketing, a good resume needs to be succinct and tell a potential employer about all of your positive attributes without being overwhelming. It is also important to ensure you use your resume as an opportunity to demonstrate your digital skills. You could also use online templates to give you an idea of what works. Here is a list of good resume templates which covers the information you should include, along with the formats that create the greatest impact.


Digital marketing is a dynamic field and positions at the best firms are highly sought after. Ensuring you have the right skills will provide an edge over the competition and give you a head start when starting a career in the field. Thankfully, all the information and tools needed to get ahead are readily available. Get busy developing your skills and you’ll be ready to begin a career in digital marketing in no time.

Photo Credit: Domenico Lola (Unsplash)

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