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How To Join Two Buildings With A Glass Link?

The modern idea of ​​​​comfort is significantly different from past years. The latest materials and technologies imperceptibly make adjustments to our lives. Today, you can connect any room in a simple way using a glass link between buildings. For this, a folding thermally insulated system or a cold system of glass facades is used. 

Why is a glass link so popular?

Many people want to bring more air, light and openness into the room. Every person who lives in a big city wants to get as close to nature as possible. Admiring the surrounding landscape, while being at home is not so difficult today. You can achieve the desired effect with the help of the glass link or panoramic windows. 

Glass facades can transform unusually, so they will add zest to any room. In addition to architectural and decorative purposes, sliding facades can also solve more pressing problems. For example, it is possible to construct a smaller building by using an adjacent area, which may be a living space. The design is highly resistant to environmental and climatic influences.

How is the glass link extension used?

Modern innovative technologies have made it possible to develop a whole line of sliding facades. They can radically change the outdated view of the division of space:

• Folding facades offer to push not only the internal walls but also the external ones.

• When closed, this system consists of several glass sections that can have thermal and sound insulation properties. 

• Glass blocks can be both framed and frameless.

Sliding facades provide a different way of looking at sharing a building's interior with its exterior. You can connect two rooms using a glazed link. For example, for a winter garden, there are ready-made design solutions. 

This idea can be used as any structural element of glass buildings. They can be designed to meet the high requirements of reliability and thermal insulation. 


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