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How to Get the Most Out of High Density Storage (and Save!)

The latest high density storage systems can really help companies and businesses accomplish a lot. Aside from helping your business be more efficient when it comes to storing parts, products and other items, high density storage systems can be easily integrated into various workflows and operations as well. It is also easy to save on the systems as well as the overall costs of storage. Here are a few tips to follow if you’re looking to get the most out of high density storage systems.
Have a System
High density storage is not designed to be used as a set of ordinary storage cabinets. In order for the system to work to your advantage, you need to develop a storage workflow that works based on your company’s operations.
You can, for example, categorise items based on frequency of use and other factors. Create a list of items that need to be stored, organise them into categories and store them accordingly. In a factory, high density storage can be used to store fast moving parts and materials. You can then place a storage unit near or as part of the assembly line to streamline the whole process.
Choose a System that Works
Not all storage systems are created equal. Some systems are designed for factories and the manufacturing industry, while others work better in an office environment or other scenarios. Now that you have a storage system to work with, choosing the right high density storage to use will be very easy to do.
There are several brands to choose from too. Kardex Systems, for instance, is famous for its amazing heavy duty storage systems that can be integrated seamlessly into the factory floor. Linpic Carousels have several units that can feed items to the assembly line and help make the whole process more efficient.
Find a system that meets your company’s needs and requirements perfectly. With so many options to choose from, you will have no trouble at all acquiring a system that works.
Buy Second Hand Storage Systems
A good way to save on high density storage is to go for second hand systems or units. Larger companies often upgrade their systems even before an upgrade is really necessary. This means there are plenty of second hand units – in great condition nonetheless – that you can buy at incredible prices.
Make sure you start your search with reconditioned units. Storage units that have been reconditioned by a reputable company will look – and function – better in general. You can also rest assured knowing that the system will work seamlessly once installed.
Another great way to save is by buying a modular system. You don’t have to invest in an entire system at once, especially since today’s solutions are designed to be modular. You can divide the implementation of high density storage into several stages and plan the purchases accordingly.
There are a lot of benefits to enjoy once the right system is installed. Use these tips to help you integrate the use of high density storage systems into your operations and save more in the process.
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