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How to get the best value from your online gaming

According to recent research, there are more than 2.5 billion people around the world that play games on a PC, console, or smartphone. This equates to around one-third of the people currently on planet Earth. In major economies like the United States and the United Kingdom, this proportion increased to around 50%.
These gamers are spending billions each year on their gaming. In the UK alone, gamers spent $4.2 billion (£3.1 billion) in 2017. This is the equivalent of £95 per gamer each year. This includes buying the games themselves, hardware, subscriptions, and in-game microtransactions.
With gaming costing so much every year, it’s clear there are opportunities for players to save money and get better value. If you’re one of these gamers looking to spend less and get more for your money, consider these handy tips.
Look for Free Games

Giving away games for free is not a new technique. It was used in the 1980s and 1990s to help encourage gamers to share new titles with friends. One of the most popular examples of these was Doom. The first episode of the game was given away for free, although players had to pay if they wanted to play more.
Today, you can find free versions of just about every type of game. For example, if you enjoy playing first-person shooters, Call of Duty: Mobile and Call of Duty: Warzone are free to play. The latter even runs on the same game engine as the paid-for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare title.
If you enjoy playing casino games, you can still find free versions of the most popular video slots. For example, popular sites like bring you lists of the best free spins offers from online casinos, with hundreds of wager-free spins available.
Be Patient

Like with most other types of products, game publishers charge a premium for their latest releases. They do this because they know that die-hard fans will be willing to pay just about anything to get their hands on the newest games.
If you can wait for a few months, you’ll often find offers and promotions on games. The standard retail price will likely come down too. Looking at Call of Duty again, the newest release, Modern Warfare is currently on sale on Amazon for £46.69. This is £3 less than the original release price, but it was available for as low as £34.99 in February and March 2020.
Trade-in Games

When you’ve finished playing a game, you can leave it on the shelf to collect dust or you can trade it in to get some of your money back. Many game retailers offer trade-in services where you can earn store credit for each title you bring back.
Alternatively, you can sell them on sites like eBay and Amazon. A second-hand copy of popular games can still sell for £30+, giving you the majority of your money back. There is a little bit of extra work in selling them yourself because you need to list them and post them when they’re sold, but if it means getting 75% of your money back, it’s a good use of your time.

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