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How to fit out your gaming room

If you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated room for gaming, then it is important that you get the setup and decor of the space just right. When designing your space, you should consider how the room is lit, how to make it comfortable and how to make it look visually appealing too.


This space could be your spare room, a basement or attic conversion, or even just a corner of your bedroom.


Whether you are a computer gamer that enjoys playing online bingo or strategy games from their desktop, or a console fan engaging in racing games and first person shooters on a TV, the correct setup can not only help game immersion and enjoyment, it can improve performance too.


Here is a complete guide to fitting out your dedicated gaming space:




While you might want to introduce as much natural lighting as possible to other areas of your home, sunshine beaming through the window can be really disruptive in your gaming room space. Instead, you want to opt for ambient lighting and blackout blinds or curtains.


Lighting does not just have to be functional, it can also be a decoration feature that you have a bit of fun designing. Flexible LED light strips are one popular choice, they stick onto walls or furniture to illuminate the space.


You could attach a light strip to the underside of your desk or around your television stand. Some people also add a light strip around the floor to light the walls above. RGB lights can be controlled using a remote or smartphone app, some can even be connected to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice assistant control.


Another lighting option is projector sky lights, these can add star and galaxy style lights to your ceiling or wall. The great thing about these lights is that they can easily be adjusted or moved as they are usually plugged into the mains like a lamp.


Fan lights are great for gaming too, not only are they stylish but can help to keep your gaming devices and your space cool. Some gaming tech is prone to overheat during long gaming sessions.




Gaming rooms often need to be versatile spaces, they may be multipurpose and act as extra storage spaces for the family or as a guest room when people stay over. Therefore clever storage solutions can keep your room free of clutter and help make the most of the space you have to work with.


Many dedicated gamers also have lots of gaming memorabilia that they like to keep visible on display. Open storage shelves can be ideal for this, keeping items ordered and off the floor or table spaces. The Ikea Kallax unit range is a popular choice for gamers.


Adding hooks to the wall is a simple way to store headphones, chargers and other small bits and pieces. A cable organising solution is also recommended to keep things looking tidy and remove unsightly tripping hazards.


If you are a little old school and still have lots of games on disk, a multimedia case built with specific dimensions to fit disks could be a good option to consider. If you are particularly organised, you can even sort games into alphabetical order or group by genre to help make finding them easier.




Your seating choice will depend on how much space you have and the type of gaming you enjoy. If you play on a desktop device, a high quality ergonomic desk chair is an absolute must. There are desk chairs to suit every budget, those with headrests and even built in foot rests are ideal for an ultimate level of comfort.


For TV console gamers, a reclining lounge chair is recommended. These chairs are comfortable for sitting in for long periods of time. If you need your gaming room to also ask as a guest bedroom, look for chair beds or sofa beds.




Artwork on the walls adds that final touch to make the space feel more finished and unique. In your gaming room, artwork featuring your favourite characters, film quotes, game landscapes or other related visuals can make the room feel more personal to you.


You can even get personalised or custom made pieces from marketplaces like Etsy. To save money you can buy PDF downloads of artwork and print and frame them yourself.




It is worth considering soundproofing options if you live in an apartment, a terrace or semi-detached house to keep the neighbours happy. Soundproofing is also a good idea if you have a family or roommates at home and you play games late into the evening.


By considering all the above elements, you can begin to build a beautiful and functional gaming space that is customised to your individual needs and style.

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