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How To Choose The Right Customer Support Software For Mac Devices

You do understand that the customer is king when it comes to business success. This is why you need to address all their concerns in good time. If you’re an adherent fan of mac devices, like millions of others across the globe, you need a customer support software specifically tailored for such gadgets. 
Here are some of the features you need to consider when selecting the software:
1. Live Sync Across Several Devices
It’s common to own several devices for business purposes. On top of your mac laptop, you probably have an iPad, iPhone, and Apple desktop computer. You want a customer support software, such as JivoChat, that allows you to use any of these devices and syncs your conversations in real-time. This gives you and your team ample flexibility. 
For instance, you don’t have to be tied to your desk throughout the day to communicate with your customers. There are also times during your workday that you find yourself outside the office. At such times, you can carry on with your conversations using a tablet or smartphone. Additionally, if you need your second-in-command to remotely pick up from your conversations, they can seamlessly go on with the chat using a different mac device.
2. One App For All Channels
You’ve perhaps allowed your customers to contact you through several different messaging apps. This is a good approach, given that every customer has their own preferences. You don’t want to limit your customers to, say, only emails. Others fancy chatting through social media platforms, of which there are dozens you might be using.
The downside of this approach is the headache it might cause you to constantly switch from one app to the other. Depending on the number you have, your workday can be quite draining. And if you forget to check any given app for some time, you might miss important messages from customers, which is an invitation to loss of income. 
Fortunately, there are customer support software that helps you manage all these channels from a single interface. This improves your focus and helps you to timely respond to all your customers’ concerns.
3. Call Functionality
In the same way your customers prefer different communication channels, others prefer calling than texting. It’s somehow bothersome to have one app for messaging and another one for calling. Integrating these two functions into one app makes life easier. Therefore, go for a customer support app that supports calling, too. This perpetuates the convenience of handling all your customer needs from one platform.
If you manage a team of customer agents, ensure that the software you choose provides intelligent-based routing. This means it can use artificial intelligence to assign incoming chats and calls to an agent who’s more knowledgeable in a particular subject area. This way, none of your team members will have to struggle to provide solutions to problems they’re not adequately conversant with.
4. Chatbot
You notice that some of the questions asked by customers are recurrent–you call these frequently asked questions. There's no need to have an employee responding to the same question over and over again. It can get quite boring for the employee and expensive for you since you’re paying them to do so.
You can delegate such questions to an intelligent chatbot. Ensure you maintain a database of responses on most of the topics relevant to your business. Cover areas like product and service descriptions, hours of operation, location queries, return policies, and the like.
Having a chatbot indirectly increases the size of your customer team. Also, since they can usually handle multiple customers simultaneously, it’s a feature you don’t want to miss.
5. Personalized Engagements
Artificial intelligence has really revolutionized businesses, particularly customer support. When a web user visits your site, they’re most probably looking for answers to questions they have or are in search of products. Since they’re alone in your virtual store, you can’t offer them help as you would in a brick-and-mortar store.
Fortunately, sophisticated customer support technology allows you to track their navigation around your website and understand what they need. The app can then send tailored messages to the customers.
For example, for a customer lingering on the subscriptions page for a while, you can set the app to send a popup message that encourages them to complete the signup process. If it requires some payment, you can offer them discounts by generating a live promo code while they’re still there. Such personalized engagements can significantly increase your conversion rates.
6. Conversion Reports
The joy of digital marketing is converting viewers and readers into customers. While there is software out there dedicated to monitoring conversion rates, it’d be good to have this feature in your customer support software.
Every interaction with a web visitor has an outcome. They either purchase your products, postpone their purchase decision, or walk away without buying anything. It’s good to compile such statistics so you’ll know how you can improve your interactions and have even more conversions.
For instance, if every customer that uses the chatbot feature fails to make a purchase, it may be an indication that it’s not effective, so you may want to redesign it.
7. Security
No customer wants their personal data floating around on the internet. As customers communicate with you through the customer support software of your choice, they might provide sensitive information such as their address, phone number, email, residential location, and credit card details, among several others.
Should any third party get hold of such information, your customers can be at risk of fraud and you’ll be responsible for any damage. Therefore, ensure that the app you choose has very tight security measures that can’t be easily breached by hackers.
Choosing the right customer support software for mac devices shouldn’t be a difficult process. Once you understand the typical features to look for, you can assess the different ones in the market against your checklist and settle on the one that offers you the best value for your money.
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