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How to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

More than 2.5 billion people across the world use social media either for personal or business use, and this impressive number is expected to escalate in the years to come.

Social media is an essential part of business success, and incorporating this technique into your marketing strategy shouldn’t be overlooked. Social media is a platform people visit to build relationships, find new information and potentially discover products and services, which is why businesses across the world simply couldn’t survive without its ability to build on a customer network.

Any business can create a social media profile, but are you making the best of the platform? Let’s take a look at just some of the ways you can improve your business social media strategy.

  • Develop a multichannel method
Just a couple of years ago, Twitter was the go-to platform for marketers. It wasn’t long before Facebook took the reins and allowed businesses to promote their content, and now, it seems that Instagram is the firm-favourite.

This shift in popularity proves that there is no prediction as to the direction social media will go in the coming years. It would be risky to concentrate all of your efforts on one single platform without researching how other channels could benefit the business. Nurture an understanding of your target audience and research which channels they prefer to use, rather than your preferences.

  • Add details to your business cards
Entrepreneurs are constantly having out business cards to promote their business and generate new leads. While it’s a given to include your name, number and email address, have you thought about including your social media handles?

Incorporating the icons of your active social media channels next to the brand name could be a real game-changer when you come to design a custom business card. Some clients prefer snooping through a business’s social media channels to get a feel for the company culture, goals, and brand message before deciding to progress. It’s also an instant signal that you’re keeping up with the latest marketing trends.

  • Hire a social media manager
If you simply haven’t got the time or experience to carry out a social media campaign, there’s no reason why you couldn’t hand over the responsibility to a qualified social media manager. One of the biggest mistakes, however, is choosing an individual that doesn’t have the correct skills to fulfil such a crucial role. The individual should have excellent organisational skills to create a step-by-step strategy, be a tactical thinker and understand the concept of branding, so they have a clear understanding of how to implement your company’s tone of voice within the content.
  • Reach out to influencers
Did you know that 50% of buyers research reviews before purchasing from a business? This is the main reason as to why you shouldn’t underestimate the benefit of making contact with influencers to promote your products or services. Very few customers now have confidence in traditional advertisements and, instead, seek another person’s opinion to build trust in a business. Some of the world’s leading brands have already jumped on the bandwagon, which has gone on to increase their global following on social media.


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