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How To Be More Efficient & Productive At Work

Reduce Your Tasks

You are likely quite familiar with how stressful and paralyzing it is to get started on a large project or a long to-do list. Therefore, it is best to avoid overwhelming yourself as much as possible with such a huge list. Instead, you should only put up to 5 items on your to-do list that you should strive your best to complete per day. Once you finish those items on your list, then you can start to add additional tasks. However, you should always try to keep your to-do list as manageable as you can to ensure you're productive and not just create busywork.

Use A Schedule Instead Of A To-Do List

Next, you should take a close look at how much time you have available every day and consider what you can actually get done in that time. You should create a game plan where you place particular periods of time for certain tasks and don't forget to add breaks. Using can help you to put together an effective schedule. When you structure your day and have dedicated time, this will allow you to fully use your day as well as utilize times in the day when you have more energy and are more motivated. This will help you to make progress and help you to take breaks so that you can keep your mind fresh and sharp.

Stop While You're Going Well

Many people procrastinate due to the fact that they don't know where they should begin. However, if you stop a particular task and you know what needs to be done next, it will help you a great deal to start again anytime you want to. Be sure to end all your tasks with a next step in mind so that you can quickly get back to work again.

Be Organized

The most effective people put systems in place so that they can always have the information needed when they require it. For example, a system such as the GTD or Getting Things Done Method by David Allen is quite helpful and will help to reduce your mental load and free up space in your mind. This will allow you to be more effective at work and focus on more meaningful work. Check out an overview of this method right here.

Make It Challenging To Get Into Bad Habits

When there are lots of distractions, these can reduce your productivity and even IQ. It is no secret that you won't be able to be effective at work if you're not able to perform as best as you can. Therefore, be sure to have barriers that can assist you in focusing. For example, if you tend to look at your phone too often to text your friends, look at messages, check social media, then you should consider locking away your phone or keep it in a separate area.


One of the most important ways that you can be more effective is knowing how to say no. You should determine exactly what is important and what will move you forward with your goals. Consider the most important projects to focus on that will positively affect your bottom line. Make sure that you eliminate any busywork that doesn't achieve anything. You should use the OKRs technique - Objectives and Key Results technique to focus on goal setting that is data-driven. This will ensure that you clearly define your goals and can measure them so that they help meet your objectives.


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