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How Safe Is The Cloud?

Although the Cloud has become a popular way to store data, share files with colleagues, and group edit documents, there have been some concerns about the safety of the Cloud, especially after Apple’s iCloud was hacked in recent years. If you are concerned about its privacy and security, this article answers some of the most common questions about the Cloud and whether it is as safe as it claims to be.

What is Cloud Security

laptop openingWhen you use cloud computing to store data, you are accessing a remote network rather than your private local server, and this can make people wary about the potential privacy of this kind of storage because they are giving their data to a third-party to manage. However, every cloud computing system has cloud security in place to protect the user and their company. Cloud security is the processes that maintain protection over documents and files stored in the cloud to prevent unwarranted access by malicious parties, such as malware and viruses.

What are the risks

Cybercriminals can access these files through hacking and other means, which can be as simple as guessing your Cloud password or finding ways to avoid security questions. Due to the Cloud’s nature, meaning that a third-party has access to these files, they may be hacked or accessed without your knowledge or without it having been your error that caused the breach.

The government can also request viewing rights over this data, and Cloud companies are known to handle thousands of requests for data each year from the government and related businesses. This has made some people wary about privacy infringements.

Cloud services can also be vulnerable to social engineering techniques, which occur when you are led to trust a malicious party in an attempt to gain your information and access your files. Your data may also be accessed as you send it unless it is encrypted by the Cloud provider.

How is information kept safe on the Cloud

All data on most Cloud providers is encrypted, meaning that should any hackers gain access to these files, they will be unable to read them, meaning that your information will not be compromised. This is more reliable than any security measures you would be able to use on your own, private networks.

There are also many controls placed on Cloud systems to ensure your privacy is certain, such as deterrent controls, where attackers are warned of the consequences of their attack if they proceed. Preventative controls such as authentication are also used to make it less likely that hackers will be able to access your files.

How can you keep data safe

You should ensure that you have a good grasp of password management by ensuring that you use different passwords on every platform and that these are as strong as possible, with symbols and letters, as well as randomized words which cannot be connected with you as an individual, for instance, your pet’s name.

The ability of small businesses to encrypt their online data is extremely important. You can also download data encryption options that allow you to have control of your data’s security and allow you to set your own specifications for privacy.
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