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How do Robotic arms, Conveyors and Automated Systems Improve Efficiency?

In any facility where products or items need to be moved to order or picked and packed, such as a factory or warehouse, speed and accuracy are vital. Whatever the industry, whether it’s small intricate items such as individual electronics components or much bulkier stock that needs to be moved around; whether it’s a sensitive product such as fresh or frozen food, or parts that can be tipped, poured and manoeuvred with little risk of damage, using machinery to do much of the manual work can mean a massive boost in productivity and efficiency.

Although some may argue that replacing a human workforce with machines gives a glimpse of a worrying future, it’s hard to argue with the clear evidence that shows an investment in technology can make dramatic improvements to the way a business functions.

Robotic arms, conveyor belts, palletisers and other automated systems improve and streamline operations in a number of ways:

Reliability: unlike a human warehouse operative, a robot picker will never call in sick, get stuck in traffic, go on holiday or strike. Yes, electronic systems and mechanical components can occasionally experience failures, however it’s estimated that a robotic arm can work an average of 70,000 hours before running into trouble, and with good maintenance and support, it’s very unlikely to have any problems.

Operational flexibility: bespoke systems and equipment designs mean you could have a fully automated solution to just about any pick and pack or fulfilment situation you could need.

Accuracy: As long as it’s programmed correctly, you can be certain that your robotic arm system won’t make a picking error – can you really say the same for a tired, distracted human doing the same job?

Speed: People are pretty slow when compared to a robotic arm. Whether it’s picking, sorting, moving objects or any other repetitive task, a human may slow down, make mistakes, get injured, all situations which can be avoided by automating the process. You’ll be able to fulfil orders faster, take on more customers and expand your business through your new-found productivity increase.

Even the most elaborate production line, manufacturing process, warehouse layout or other environment can be transformed by introducing robotics, conveyors and automated systems to increase productivity and efficiency. There are a number of UK companies working in this industry, such as CFK Robotics and Automation, who provide practical and robust solutions for efficient and cost-effective automation systems, helping businesses streamline their operations and increase productivity.

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