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How Being a Betting Tipster is Now a Business

Sports betting in the UK is a multi-billion pound industry. This one of the few gambling markets that boasts continuous year-on-year revenue boost. The online gambling industry has played a big role in this boom contributing the highest yield as more people now place bets online. Sports betting has spawned new careers, the most recognizable being betting tipsters.

Before you place your bet, you can choose from a comprehensive list of all the offers that UK bookmakers provide.  Most bettors then check what tipsters have to say before they finally place a bet.

If you’re a sports betting enthusiast, one of the questions you most likely is how betting tipsters work. This post delves into the world of betting tipsters to help you understand how it all works and why it’s a business.

How Tipsters Work

For successful betting, you need to do a lot of research and it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the sports world. This is virtually impossible for most people because they have to work, and attend to other responsibilities. What’s more, the world of sports is volatile and fast-paced.

Things change fast and you might find it hard to keep abreast of everything happening around your favourite team or player. This is where a betting tipster comes in handy. The professional betting expert focuses solely on sports betting and this allows them to gather critical information regarding all sports.

Types of Online Tipsters

Tipsters are now an integral part of the sports betting industry. So common are tipsters that most bettors now use these services before placing bets. Some tipsters you can use include:

I. Subscription services: The easiest way for tipsters to make money is through subscription services where bettors pay a weekly or monthly fee to get tips.

II. Pro punters: Professional bettors also offer tips and can partner with bettors who have money for a fee. These are specialists who look beyond winners but value in bets.

III. Bookmaker bloggers:  Bookmakers have bloggers to encourage bettors to place bets on their platforms. If you search for betting tips, you’ll most likely come across bookmakers’ blogs offering comprehensive reviews of games and offering tips.

IV. TV pundits: These are sports professionals with experience in specific sports.  They’re tipsters in that you can get invaluable information from their game reviews on radio or television. Before you use such advice, consider the background of the TV pundit in the sporting world.

V. Sports journalists: This is another reliable category of tipsters if you’re after in-depth information about a player or team. Sports journalists have a lot of insight on sports and you can use their expertise to make your predictions.

 Why Are Tipsters Popular?

With most bettors looking for winners in any market, tipsters have found a rich niche to exploit. Most of the tips offered by tipsters relate to picking winners. Tipsters base their prediction on diverse information which review comprehensively for the bettor.

Every betting beginner looks for betting tips as opposed to value betting. It’s easy to rely on someone who presents data to support their prediction rather than going deeper into getting value from markets. This is one reason tipster has grown into such a big business.

Most popular tipsters give an assurance of wins by backing their predictions with historical data. On most tipster’s blogs or websites, you’ll find a percentage of wins and losses. They also present profitability calculated over a period and this assures bettors to use these services.

Another reason for tipsters’ popularity is their ability to source unavailable information. The best tipsters dig deep to find invaluable information about teams and players to help you make a good choice. The information by tipsters can also confirm your prediction and this boosts your confidence when betting.

Choosing the Right Tipster

With so many betting tipsters online, it’s difficult to know who to trust. There’s a lot of information out there and if not careful, you might fall for unscrupulous tipsters. Look out for reputable tipsters with a solid track record.

Don’t fall for fake results but instead look for historical data or watch a tipster for some time before you start using their services. Even when using a tipster, you have to research extensively to learn how the industry works and to avoid getting scammed.  

When you compare tipsters, consider factors such as strike rate vs. the overall profit margins, total number of bets, percentage of wins, total staked, average profit or loss per bet and total yield.

Final Thoughts

Tipsters are at the heart of the sports betting industry in the UK. They provide a valuable service to bettors by providing invaluable information that punters use for predictions. However, you have to choose carefully to leverage tipsters’ advice.  Look for a professional who’s well organised and open to scrutiny.

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