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History and Modernity of UK Universities

Modern education in Europe is considered the best and most prestigious. The UK occupies a leading position in this region in terms of the quality of the educational system of higher education institutions. In Britain, universities are famous for their age, the professionalism of teachers, the demand for faculties and the high level of employment.

Notable universities and faculties in the UK include:

• Ancient;

• Red Brick;

• Russel Group and others.

Education in UK universities is carried out after a preliminary study of the English language. For this, a special state program is provided. Anyone can sign up for it. The course fee is less than £20,000. During the year, a foreign student will be able to communicate freely in English. If a foreign student knows the language, then the course is not required. Enough to pass the entrance exams.

The cost of studying at universities in the UK is considered the most expensive, but the student has the right to count on loyalty programs and scholarships. Every student who studies well and takes an active part in the life of a higher educational institution can use them.

Also, students can join a special union of students of universities in the UK. This can be done at the link - By joining the union, the student can count on the protection of their own rights, increase the chances of finding a job, and also reduce the likelihood of conflict situations. This union is great for African Americans and other international students. In addition, this community will allow the first to learn about news and changes in the charter of the university and the educational system.

The oldest universities in England and Scotland

Great Britain has a rich culture and a large number of higher education institutions that were established in the Middle Ages. Great Britain has been a leading country for many years, therefore, higher educational institutions in this country are considered one of the most ancient. These universities include:

• Cambridge university;

• Oxford;

• Durham;

• Glasgow;

• Royal Holloway;

• University of Belfast and others.

In addition to outstanding achievements, the number of students and world recognition, these higher education institutions are famous for their ancient cultural monuments. Facades of buildings, parks and other adjacent buildings remained unchanged.

The oldest university is Oxford. It was founded in 1096. At the moment, he occupies a leading position in the world in terms of the quality of education and prestige. The University of Oxford is ranked 5th in the latest rankings. Oxford is famous not only for its outstanding achievements, but also for its fascinating history. The main building and library of this university is known all over the world. Oxford also actively cooperates with scientists, professors and Nobel Prize winners. It is worth noting that the movie "Harry Potter" was filmed in one of the buildings of Oxford University.

Present day

Despite the large number of old universities in the UK, the number of modern educational institutions is constantly growing. This is due to the high demand for quality education, as well as the opportunities available within the country. The educational system of Britain is considered one of the best, and graduates of London universities are in demand all over the world.

Great Britain trains specialists in almost all specialties that exist. When a new profession appears, it will definitely be added to the UK university. This is due to the fact that new specialties are in huge demand, which attracts a large number of foreign students.

The UK also has all the necessary infrastructure and conditions for opening new universities and expanding existing ones. A large number of major international airports, close connection with mainland Europe, training courses, loyalty for foreign students and other features make it possible to comfortably and efficiently get a European education at the best universities in the UK.

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