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Growing phytochemical supplier for your business

In recent decades, medicinal chemists and pharmacists have turned their attention to small, biologically active molecules isolated from nature. With the knowledge from folk medicine and modern research, Nature Science Technologies has specialized in chemical supply and plant extract distribution. Our customers not only include scientific research and medicinal chemistry institutions but also anyone that want to develop new products with high-quality phytochemicals.

At the moment our product portfolio carries more than 100 compounds covering various classes of chemicals like:

• Flavanoids

• Benzoic acid derivatives

• Triterpenoids

• Carbohydrate

• Stilbenes

• Sterols

• And more

Nature Science Technologies is a high-quality chemical supplier for R&D, cosmetics and food supplement markets.


Natural compounds provide a large variety of biological activity

Nature is full of small molecules that exhibit biological activity. As many of the isolated compounds from nature have a similar structure to a variety of molecules in our body, medicinal chemists are screening these compounds for biological activity evaluation and pushing them as possible drug candidates. Many of the compounds have already been examined for their possible use in clinics.

Anti-cancer activity

Many of the phytochemicals exhibit anti-cancer activity. Scientists have identified various mechanisms how those chemicals are stopping cancer from growing, further spread and reverses adverse effects of other drugs.

Anti-oxidant activity

Many of these compounds have their chemical structures designed to stop many harmful reactive molecules from damaging DNA, healthy lipids, skin and more.

Anti-inflammatory activity

Phytochemicals are able to counteract various inflammation processes relieving pain, swelling and harmful actions our body can do. Furthermore, many compounds can mobilize our bodies to increase our natural ability to reduce inflammations and oxidative stress.

Where to use phytochemicals?

Currently, many of the natural compounds have found their place in the cosmetics and dietary supplementation industry. Many companies are seeking the beneficial effects of these compounds that are past the ones mentioned above. 

You could find many skin-care products containing various natural compounds for a high degree of benefits like anti-aging, UV protection, and more.

Various dietary supplements that have additional phytochemicals added can further increase the effects of weight loss, cholesterin regulation, and more.

How to buy research chemicals?

We at can provide you with a wide variety of natural chemicals that have proven their efficacy in various ways like in cosmetics and supplementation. If you wish to participate in the development of new products, visit our website.

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