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Friendly Wager between Mates: The Right Way to Do It

If you like the thrill of betting and you love football, then you can place bets on future games through several online betting websites. You get to bet against strangers with high stakes, and you can win a good amount of money as well. But if you do not like to bet against a stranger and just want to have some fun you can always bet with your friends as well. The stakes would not be that high, but you will have so much fun doing it. But, when it comes to betting with friends, it is not as simple as online betting. With online websites, your bets are placed systematically while with friends, your bet might start with just word of mouth. In this article, I have mentioned a few ways in which you can place a friendly wager the right way.

Write It Down

It is always a good idea to write down the bet when you are playing one on one with a friend. Friends are friends, and sometimes they can get away with the bet by saying they were only kidding or were just having fun. You may not be that much interested in money, but still an act like that can take all the fun away from the betting. So, if you want to make the game interesting with real stakes, it is recommended you get a notepad and a pen before you sit to watch the game. You should always get it before the game because no one wants to leave in the middle of it. Once you have it in written form, your friend will also feel inclined to pay you the amount.

Host a Betting Party

Instances like a World Cup final, Euro Cup final, or UEFA Champions League are a great opportunity to host a betting party. You can invite all your friends to enjoy the match more with a simple game of betting. Everyone can bet on their team by chipping in the amount, and the winning team gets to take it all. In such parties, there is no need to bet too much of an amount. The primary purpose is to have fun, so everyone should not chip more than $50. You can also place extra bets like who will score more goals or which team will have more possession etc. If you have friends who are out of the country and cannot make it to the party, there is no need to leave them out. You can take their bet via a phone call and whether they win or lose, you can send or receive money easily by using any international money transfer online app.

Use Peer To Peer Betting Apps

If you and your friends just want to have fun and do not want to involve any real stakes, then peer to peer betting apps are a great option. They are pretty similar to other online betting apps, and the only two differences are that you get to play with friends and you are using fake money. You do not have to host a party or print brackets when you are using these apps. You can also create separate groups for separate tournaments as well. It is very similar to playing a fantasy league. The only drawback of peer to peer betting apps is that sometimes you have to purchase the fake money you get in the app.

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