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Free Coaching Software

There are a variety of free coaching software available on the internet that can be incredibly useful. They can help you stay on top of your game and give you a clearer picture of how you are doing. You may even want to consider getting a program that helps you manage your schedule and create new training sessions.


CoachAccountable is a coaching management software that streamlines your day-to-day coaching tasks and elevates the experience of your clients. It enables you to schedule meetings, promote your coaching packages, and provide a safe environment for your clients.

It is a cloud-based software that helps you automate and streamline your coaching practices. You can use it to organize your coaching schedule, measure the effectiveness of your coaching, and create action lists for your clients.

You can access CoachAccountable from a mobile device. The app integrates with your calendar and email to make scheduling appointments easier. Also, you can create a whiteboard for collaborative discussions.


Designed for coaches of all levels and disciplines, Quenza offers the tools to manage, track, and engage clients. The platform is intuitive, functional, and all-encompassing.

Quenza is an iOS and desktop app that is customizable to suit your unique needs. You can manage your client roster, schedule appointments, send secure messages, and create groups. There is a free trial available to new clients. However, it is advisable to contact customer support for more information.

It is easy to see why Quenza is so popular. In fact, it has been deemed as one of the best online coaching platforms in the industry. One of its more unique features is its ability to keep client and coach information secure.


Satori is an online coaching platform that offers a variety of features to help coaches grow their businesses. The software includes client management, scheduling, and billing. It also comes with a dashboard that provides essential business metrics.

Coaches can use the software to manage their teams, track their progress, and create proposals for clients. It allows users to easily schedule meetings and send reminders to clients.

The Satori App helps coaches offer branded products, generate group session products, and customize their content delivery. Its intelligent coaching calendar makes it easy to view all of your client's events in one place. You can even generate a signature coaching plan for each client.


CoachVantage is a one-stop solution for managing the workflow of your coaching business. It provides essential features and functions such as scheduling, billing, document management, and client management. The platform also integrates with PayPal, Stripe, and Zoom.

CoachVantage provides a free trial for new users. They can sign up for a 14-day trial to learn how the platform works. If they like it, they can subscribe to a paid plan.

The basic plan is priced at $29 per month. There are other plans for teams and solo coaches. A Team Plan costs $245 per month for up to five coaches.

The Clarity plan is priced at $29 per month. CoachVantage offers separate plans for new coaches and established ones.


OnForm is an online platform that provides a variety of tools for sports coaches to help their athletes achieve their potential. This free coaching software features built-in video analysis tools, an integrated messaging system, and various feedback opportunities.

The platform features an improved search function, cloud synchronization, and better storage. It also comes with a few nifty features like a custom video player, an annotator, and a voice-over capability. However, the best feature is the ability to communicate with your athletes from anywhere. You can share videos with your students, provide video feedback, and even include their parents in the mix.

Other features include a one-of-a-kind search system, and integration with other popular tools such as Twitter. Coaches can also use OnForm's file sharing capabilities to get in touch with remote athletes.


Podia is an all-in-one digital product business platform that makes it easy to sell and promote your products. This online course software is available as a free plan and a premium plan.

Podia is one of the best platforms for selling digital products. It is also a great option for content creators, as it includes a host of useful tools and features.

While there are plenty of features and tools to choose from, there are a few limitations as well. For example, Podia does not offer a blogging feature, and it does not include badges or certificates. However, there are some excellent marketing and engagement features, including a coupon feature, live chat, email campaigns, and more.

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