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Email Marketing

With blogs, social media and other marketing strategies, email has been knocked down the list when interacting with clients. Email marketing is a great platform to promote your business to existing and prospective clients. If you aren’t already using it, then we have created a list of reasons why you should.

  • Cheap Form of Marketing – Compared to other marketing strategies, email marketing doesn’t require a lot of investment when it comes to cost.
  • Reach Mobile Users – The majority of people have email integrated on their mobiles. This means they are bound to receive and look at your email more instantly. If they are interested in what you have to say, then they are more likely to take action. This is different to just scanning it and forgetting about it on a computer.
  • Generate Leads – You don’t just have to send emails to your current client database, but send it to potential clients who will see your email and potentially be interested in your products or services, and it helps getting your name out there.
  • Distribution Platforms – There are many websites and distribution platforms that can help you make email marketing as easy as possible. You can create specific lists, tailor messages specific to each audience and add in logos and hyperlinks. Most of these sites have a low price point so the return on investment can outperform other marketing strategies.
  • Reach Anyone in The World – With email, you can reach anyone in the world if you need too. So if you have a campaign in a specific country, then you can specifically target that country.
  • Integrate With Other Marketing Strategies – You can combine social media or your blog with your email marketing, so it all ties in. If you have a big sale coming up, then write a blog post, share it on social media and send out an email to really get your message across.
  • Discounts – To get people signed up to your emails, why not offer a discount? However big or small, it builds up interest and will make the customer feel valued.
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