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Effective tips to save on mobile network and save money

It is quite difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without using a mobile phone. Moreover, many people are frankly surprised how it was possible a few decades ago to do without such familiar things as smartphones and mobile operators. Nowadays, using all these services is already a habit.

That is why you always need to allocate a portion of your budget to your phone. However, if you calculate how much the average subscriber spends per year on such services, the amount will not be so insignificant. As a result, it will be especially important to answer the question of how to save on mobile communications.

Set the relevance of your tariff plan

Conventionally, the list of operator’s services can be divided into three main areas:




When choosing a tariff plan, it is better to focus on extremely simple and clear to you offers - they are often the most profitable. You need to calculate whether you need roaming, how much data you use in total, how many messages you send and how often you make calls. All these main things help you to choose the right plan and save your money.

Save on data allowance

 The most important step to saving on data is to define as clearly as possible the monthly traffic you need. It's no secret that if you use 1 GB of traffic per month, and your package includes 5 GB and above, it means that you are overpaying for unused opportunities.

In addition, the network of WI-FI coverage in urban environments is becoming wider every year: free Internet access is already available in parks and recreation areas, on the summer grounds of cafes and restaurants, at bus stops, in shops and other public places. So that’s why it is worth analyzing - do you really need mobile Internet, if at home and in the office you have a WI-FI network, and the journey from home to work takes only half an hour?

Here are some additional things that can save your data:

disable automatic updating of all applications ( allow updates only to the applications you really need);

set a limit on network traffic (calculate your tariff plan so that you spend a certain amount of Gb every day);

disable all widgets (even one-time web surfing in the browser consumes much less traffic than required by the widget, which necessarily requires a seamless Internet connection);

download all data in advance (some applications can work offline, it’s without access to the Internet. All you need to do is download them in advance).

Be interested in bonuses

Different bonus programs apply to all operators. Because the benefits are not so obvious, many users simply do not pay attention to the bonuses. However, over a long period of time, your account can accumulate a considerable amount of bonuses, and therefore it should not be neglected.

Most phone plans come with really attractive perks:

free access to big name streaming services;

subscription for entertainment and music that comes with free access for several months;

great roaming bonuses.


You manage your finances and can always reduce your expenses if necessary. Properly chosen phone and mobile plan will help save your monthly expenses. You can save the most on roaming, if you are travelling a lot and on data usage.

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