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Effective tips to improve a business website

Having a successful online presence is an important aspect for each business, as this will ensure you retain your current customers and attract new ones. Creating a strong website is one of the best measures you can take to make sure you offer a good experience to clients. With a powerful website, you can achieve the objectives of your business more quickly, as you will increase brand recognition and online security.

In the current marketing landscape, websites have become one of the most powerful tools companies can use. Your website is your 24/7 salesman, so it has the potential to be the centerpiece in your marketing campaigns and one of the most powerful assets you own. But, as the trends change rapidly, you might need to update your website periodically so that it will not feel outdated.

Here are some effective tips to improve your business website.

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Make your website mobile-friendly

The majority of people use their mobile devices to scroll online and buy products, so it is always good to offer a positive experience for mobile users. If prospects land on your website but find it difficult to navigate, they might abandon the page and search for something else from your competition. A negative mobile experience can also affect your website in the search engine rankings, and it will be harder for users to find you through a Google search.

Ensure your website is secure

Website security is an important topic, as the last thing you want is to let hackers harm your business. Every day, plenty of websites get hacked, so you need to step in and secure your website until it's not too late. If you don't protect it, your site might crash, your customer data could be at risk, and you can even lose money. A data breach is when an authorized party accesses confidential and sensitive information, including personal data, like name, address, or bank accounts. Although clients can claim compensation for the data breach (visit to find out more), this will not be a good position to be put in. Also, this will not be good for you, as your clients will not trust you in the future and might even give up on your collaboration.

So, it will be better to ensure you offer a safe environment for your clients, where they will not fear that their data might get stolen.

Make your website easy to find

The name of your website greatly matters, and you need to have one that matches your business name or describes your company somehow. Also, you could have various domains that point to your website. This will happen with the help of SEO practices, content marketing, keyword research or paid advertisement campaigns that will drive more traffic to your website.

Optimize your page speed

One of the most frustrating things people can encounter while on a page is waiting too long for it to load. Users will never want to wait an eternity for a page to load, so optimizing your website's speed would be better. A simple yet effective way to improve your page speed is to compress your images before you load them onto your site. Image file size is a leading cause of slow page speed, so you can start with this step to address the issue.

Keep a simple design

It will be good to limit the use of colors, fonts and GIFs, as they can distract the customers from the main focus of your webpage. Also, it is good to use bullet points and short paragraphs to make sure the information is easy to read. Experts suggest keeping paragraphs shorter than six lines, as this will also help with mobile responsiveness.

Offer fresh content

You have probably seen that stores change their window displays each month, and this is because you need to offer something new to clients to keep them interested. So, you should also have fresh content on your landing pages and homepage. People get bored easily, and they don't want to see the same things over and over again. You can look at the example of Amazon, which offers new sales, deals, and content every time. This conveys the message that their website is relevant, and they want to always give a good experience to their customers.

If your content is fresh and interesting, your visitors might also want to share the content you post. This will make your visitors the best marketing ambassadors, and this will also help your SEO-which brings us to the following point.


You might have an appealing website and the best one in your industry, but your efforts might be in vain if people can't find you. While you can opt for ads to drive prospects to your site, bringing organic search traffic would be better and more efficient. When people want to find information online, they usually go to search engines and read what is on the first page. So, you also want your website to appear there.

Search engines use three ways to rank sources: crawling, ranking and indexing. Crawling means your site is found through links from other websites, so having multiple links on outside websites is good. Then, your site is indexed, which means the website is analyzed for content, including relevance, keywords, or links. Ranking is the final process that determines the best results for a specific search, and it is based on authority and relevance.

Final words

In the last few years, there has been essential growth in online shopping, and this is why it is so important to have an online presence and an updated and fresh website your clients will love. A beautifully looking website with original content will always be more appreciated than one that looks like the other alternatives on the market.


Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash


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