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Different Bingo Types

Are you interested in playing online bingo, but not sure where to start? Sometimes the online world can be a little daunting, especially if you’re transitioning from playing bingo in a real-life bingo hall to online bingo where you don’t have other people around you, but fear not, online bingo is the same exciting yet simple to play game and is arguably easier to play and win! Because the game of bingo has grown so popular it was inevitable that different types of bingo would emerge from the classic favourite. So eyes down and concentrate and we’ll give you some insight into the game and the different types of bingo you can play for the best possible winnings - click to play UK bingo! 

90-Ball Bingo & 75-Ball Bingo 

This type of bingo is probably the version you are already aware of as this is one of the most popular bingo games in the UK. In this 90-ball bingo game, there are 15 numbers on the bingo card with five numbers on each row. The winner is the player who is the first to get all the numbers called in a row. In the US, 75-Ball Bingo is more popular where each card has 24 numbers and have different sections of the bingo card and to win the players must be the first one to get five numbers either in a row, corner to corner or in a section.  

Bingo “U-Pick Them” 

This type of bingo is more akin to a lottery game where the player is able to select the numbers in the hope the lucky numbers they select will be drawn for a chance to win!  

Bingo Bonanza 

In this type of bingo, 43 numbers in total are drawn and the aim of the game is for players to match every number throughout the entire game with the chance of bagging themselves a considerable jackpot!

Stallion Race Bingo 

For this variation of the much-loved game, you’ll need 15 players in total who will then be given numbers from 1-15 and the winner of the game is the player who is first in the race to get five numbers in a line in their allocated column.  

Passing Bingo 

This version of bingo shakes up the traditional game in a number of ways and it a fun-filled take on the classic. Once a player wins a bingo game, they are essentially ‘out’ and it is essentially a race to the bottom as the last player remaining who has luckily not won a single bingo game is the overall game’s winner! So if you think you always lose at bingo and have no luck, maybe it’s time to change the goalposts and play this version!  

All in all, whichever type of bingo you choose to play, whether you prefer to play bingo in a live bingo hall or if you’re more comfortable playing bingo online from the comfort of your own home, the main thing is to have fun as that’s what’s bingo is all about, excitement, anticipation and fun! Bingo is all about excitement, anticipation and fun! Remember, if you’re not getting that bingo buzz and your experience isn’t a fun one, it’s time to stop and take a break!

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