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Customer experience when interacting with your contact centre

Customers are essential for every business’s existence, growth, and sustenance. But how do you ensure your clients have the best customer experience when interacting with your contact centre? How do you keep your clients satisfied?
Simple. You keep up with your customers’ needs and adhere to contact centre trends that work best for your business.
However, even that is easier said than done. Customers want exceptional relations when interacting with your company. They want to feel special and important. This goes beyond good pricing or product quality.
Try, Odigo, a cloud contact centre in the UK that provides businesses with effective strategies and processes to provide professional and efficient call centre services.
One of the main benefits of using Odigo is its efficiency in training your contact centre team to understand your customers better. Only then can you provide more effective and personalized customer support.
These steps will improve your contact centre customer experience:
1.     Make It Easier to Interact and Do Business
Clients will want to interact and do business with you when they know you understand their pain points and provide products/services that offer solutions to their problems.
Mapping your customer experience journey and brainstorming ways to address their frustrations will make it easier to establish what’s troubling them and offer the best solutions.
Providing your clients with useful resources and guidelines will also establish trust and confidence between your business and clients. Remember, the goal is to help guide your customers in using your product or service. And a strategic contact centre is your best arsenal for this objective.
2.     Minimise Hold Times
People don’t like to be kept waiting. That’s why long hold times can easily shift your customer’s perception of your business and possibly cost you clients. In 2017, Arise reported that only two-thirds of clients would wait two minutes or less on hold. In contrast, customers were willing to wait up to 13 minutes three years earlier.
Today, even more people would not accept hold times of any length. Just hearing the “please hold for the next available agent” triggers them to hang up immediately.
Your customers will be happy knowing they don’t have to wait on hold. As such, they will be willing to do more business with you and spend more on future purchases.
3.     Know Your Customer
The chances are your sales team already knows your clients’ demographics, expectations, and other identifying data. However, your business would benefit even more when your contact centre team knew your clients personally.
The objective is to put a face on your clients by creating a persona that lets your contact centre agents envision who they are communicating with – the more detailed, the better.
Let’s say your primary client is male between 20 – 30 and lives in the city. A persona like this should suffice:
Christian Tucker, 26
Single, living in a two-bedroom apartment
Loves to go out, usually to clubs and bars
Works long hours and loves his job
Suddenly, your client is a real person, which improves your overall interaction with “Christian Tucker.”
The rewarding experience from consistent and personalised interactions with your contact centre is what makes the difference.
4.     Collect Customer Feedback
In the business world, customer feedback is gold. You will receive more honest and valuable information about your business from genuine customer feedback and use it to improve your products and services.
Customer feedback will also help you identify holes in your customer journey pathways and better understand your customers’ needs.
Collecting data for example what your customers like and what they don’t is crucial in identifying and determining the best action to improve your products/services. Customer feedback will also make your clients feel like you value and listen to their feedback, which goes a long way.
An Exemplary Contact Centre for an Improved Customer Experience
Using the tools and processes mentioned above can help you improve your  understanding of your customers and focus on their needs. The key is to provide an enhanced r customer experience and service, and ultimately, your business will thrive.

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