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Best Slot Games For first-timers

These days there are more beginners than ever spinning the reels on their favourite online slots, slowly falling deeper into the unbeatable past time. The stats speak for themselves; since online slots first came to prominence back in the late 2000s they have risen to become one of the biggest industries in the casino world. And they would not have done so without a constant stream of beginners entering the fray.
But where to start when you don’t really know much about what’s going on? Well, you cannot run before you can walk, so it is usually advised to pick a fairly simple slot as a beginner. Moreover, you will also want to have the best odds of winning – without this spinning the reels can get very frustrating. There are so many examples that it can be hard to choose, but that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best slot games for beginners to play at Wizard Slots

Mega Joker Slot
NetEnt’s Mega Joker is a perfect example of an online slot that almost anyone can pick up and understand in a relatively short period of time. It runs on a no thrills 5x4 grid, and the aesthetic is very reminiscent of the old style fruit machines we all know and love. Beginners will love its reliability, especially if they are fond of classic land-based slots.
But the best thing about Mega Joker? Well, it comes with an RTP of 99%, and this is remarkably good news for beginners. RTP stands for Return To Player, the higher the percentage the higher your chances of winning. The only downside here is that to obtain this RTP with Mega Joker you will have to bet with high values, something beginners may be reluctant to do at first. 

Bonanza Top Slot
Mega Joker was a rather simple choice, but for those beginners that like their thrills straight away, you just cannot go wrong with Bonanza by Big Time Gaming. A woodland themed title that is at once tranquil and devilishly exciting, this online slot could well convince a first time player to keep going down the online casino rabbit hole.
Something that, admittedly, could get confusing are the carts full of symbols that cascade over the reels, but you’ll soon forget that when you’re making a nice amount of cash. And anyway, once you can understand Bonanza’s mechanics you will be well set for any other titles you try in the future.  

Lucky Irish - Best Slot of all time?
Would this really be a beginners slot guide if we didn’t include at least one of the many Irish themed titles? Lucky Irish is a cracking example of this, especially for somebody new to the world of online slots. The game works on only 3 reels, which in comparison to many examples on the market really is not much. However, for a novice it is just what you need.
And there’s even a pretty lucrative bonus round if you bet with 3 coins. It’s certainly worth the risk, this prize could be 2400x your wager!

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