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Best Device to Play Bingo

With the popularity of Bingo having remained strong since the 19th Century, the game of Bingo has changed very little since it first became known. It has more recently become more popular to play Bingo in an online manner than to go to a physical Bingo hall though. Due to this, there are becoming increasingly more and more ways in which gamers are able to play their beloved game from the best bingo site available. These differ slightly and the pros of some far outweigh others, though it is very much a personal preference which device is the best to play Bingo on. Let’s take a look at the most popular devices so that you can determine which device would be best for you to be able to play Bingo on today.

Computer or Laptop online bingo

This was the original method of online Bingo and enabled thousands of more people to be able to participate in playing that ever before. Players would need to be at home or at work to be able to play Bingo using this medium because they needed internet access to be able to participate in the game.

Gamers liked playing Bingo on a computer or laptop because of the screen size. This meant that absolutely nothing was missed and all of the smaller details were fully registered. For Bingo gamers, when larger quantities or multiple strips were purchased, this screen size was very advantageous, as it enabled more visibility and scanning of cards and strips could be done with much greater speed and ease. Fewer numbers were missed and therefore the likelihood of winning without missing any numbers out was larger. Clarity is the main reason why computers and laptops are used to play Bingo and this remains the case still today. 

Mobile bingo

As technology has advanced, the most common method of Bingo play quickly changed from laptops and computers to mobile phones. This was due to the accessibility of the games which could be used from quite literally any location. There was no limitation to be at home or at the office as being the only places where Bingo could be enjoyed, but mobile phones opened up a whole new world to Bingo players. Specialist sites and apps were created so that the internet was not the limitation was absolutely revolutionary. This enabled people to be able to play anywhere and at any time, such as commuting to work, riding on the tube or even sitting waiting in an airport. For many people, Bingo is a great way to kill time and prevent boredom, so being able to play it at times when you are feeling this way inclined the most is a real benefit.

Mobile phones enabled players to increase the length of time that they were able to play Bingo for and also enabled them to multi-task. Switching from screen to screen, making phone calls or texting whilst playing Bingo at the same time remains no issue at all. There is also the ability to be able to buy multiple tickets in multiple rooms on multiple sites which can all check themselves and do the work whilst you are doing something else entirely. Finding ways in which the Bingo world could advance was not only beneficial for the gamer but also for Bingo itself. 

Tablet Time

The middle ground between a laptop-sized screen and a mobile phone screen, a tablet can often be a perfect solution to many people’s Bingo playing issues. This is because it is portable, does not restrict the playing to only be able to play Bingo at home and it can display a large amount of information.   Though the screen may not be as big as a laptop or computer screen, a tablet screen is considerably larger than the majority of mobile phone screens which is hugely beneficial in a Bingo game as more tickets or strips can be seen at any one time. This helps gamers to be able to see, identify and mark off called numbers with speed and ease without having to scroll up and down the screen and potentially miss numbers.

Tablets do require internet, but with the world now being such an internet friendly place, this isn’t a particularly limiting factor. You can easily take your tablet to a coffee shop, on the train or have it close by waiting for the kids to come out of school and be able to play your favourite Bingo games. With HotSpots being so easy to create with iPhones now, this is really not a huge issue for the majority of tablet users at all. This enables the WiFi from an iPhone to be used by a tablet, costing you no more money than whatever your pre-arranged tariff would be at the end of the month. This is a great way to be able to use your tablet with ease but out of the house or office.

Due to the reasons we have just stated, such as screen size, portability and ease of use, the tablet is the most popular way to play Bingo online. 

Best Bingo For You

Realistically, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks the best way to play Bingo is. All that really matters is that you have found the best way to play Bingo that suits you, is most well suited to your lifestyle and enables you to play Bingo in the way you prefer. As long as what you specifically need is kept in mind, then you will not go far.

For people who have reduced vision but love to play Bingo online, then yes, obviously, the bigger the screen the better. But there is no need to feel limited by having to only use a desktop computer in one place at one time as your only method of being able to play. If you are unsure of your options, try a few different methods of playing and discover the pros and cons of playing Bingo online through different devices for yourself. You never know – you might just discover that you’ve been doing Bingo a disservice all along!

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