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Best Chewing Tobacco and Other Cigarette Alternatives

Most people associate tobacco with cigarettes and few are aware of the rich history and the impressive range of tobacco products. Tobacco is an extract from the leaves of the plants belonging to the Nicotiana Tabacum family. These plants are native to South Africa, America, South Pacific, and Australia. They are cultivated annually and generate a lot of revenue. Companies utilize them for making nicotine products like cigars, cigarettes, water pipes, snus, and chewing tobacco. These substances are sought-after by customers who wish to enjoy a euphoric feeling. If you are also considering products like the best chewing tobacco or any other alternatives to cigarettes, read on.

What Are Some Alternatives to Cigarettes?

You may be looking for alternatives because you want to detox or merely because you want to try new substances. Either way, quitting traditional cigarettes is a sensible decision. Here are the best alternatives that you should consider.


Like tobacco, cannabidiol is also a plant extract. It is commonly present in the leaves of the Cannabis plant. CBD is available in various forms like CBD oil and ointments. You can also buy CBD gummies and topical creams based on your preferred method of consumption. CBD is especially beneficial if you suffer from anxiety or have trouble falling asleep. It also treats chronic pain and helps you relax mentally and physically. Moreover, you can achieve the same euphoria as cigarettes give, without facing the negative consequences of cigarette smoke.

Smokeless Tobacco

Cigarette smoke is irreversibly detrimental to your health and the environment. It also causes your loved ones to become passive smokers and suffer from chronic diseases like asthma and lung cancer if they breathe in the polluted air for long times. To minimize the damage, many people prefer smokeless tobacco substances.

These include chewing tobacco, snuff, and dissolvable products.

What is Chewing Tobacco?

It is a well-renowned type of smokeless tobacco. Chewing tobacco comes from crushed leaves of the tobacco plant. As per law, manufacturers treat these leaves with Sodium Chlorine spray first. Next, they are rolled into small pellets that mold them. Some products may contain preservatives and flavors. 

Chewing tobacco is typically available in small pouches that resemble tea bags or comparatively larger metal tin cans. Customers can place it between their jaw and tongue and chew to release the juices.

Other Uses of Tobacco

Besides smokeless tobacco and cigarettes, tobacco also has other interesting uses.

Historically, people would turn to tobacco when they needed a bandage. It is because the healers discovered the medicinal properties of tobacco leaves. They would use these to dress the wounds of patients. Besides cushioning the injury, tobacco leaves would also relieve the pain and numb the affected area. When someone suffered from a toothache, doctors would advise them to keep crushed tobacco leaves between their molar teeth. Tobacco also cured neck gland diseases, among other ailments.

Some people hang tobacco plants in trellis, lattices, or hanging baskets to add ornamental value to their homes. Companies formulate miscellaneous products from tobacco leaves. These entail pesticides because tobacco is often poisonous for snails, caterpillars, and other bugs. Tobacco is also beneficial in treating allergies and clearing the nasal passages that are congested due to flu.

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