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Ballon d’Or: Who’ll Get the Reward in 2022?

Ballon d’Or: Who’ll Get the Reward in 2022?

Ballon d’Or is one of the most anticipated and prestigious events in professional football. Both fans and athletes wait for it with great impatience to know who’ll become the best in the industry this year. However, in 2022, we will witness significant changes in presenting this award. What has changed, and who are the contenders this time? Sit back and read below.


The Reward Is Now Seasonal, Not Annual

It’s worth noting that Ballon d’Or is a subjective reward: a team of experts, including the head coach, FIFA national teams’ captains, and independent journalists from different countries. Previously, the award was presented at the end of the calendar year, but now seasonal achievements are celebrated. Thus, the 2021/22 season's best player will be selected in mid-October.


Personal Achievements Are More Valuable Than Teamwork

Previously, the award was given according to the results of the teamwork: the trophies in the football clubs and the results of the national teams’ matches were of great importance. Now the organisers have decided to focus on the personal achievements of the athlete and take into account the following criteria:


• The number of scores a footballer made

• Individual techniques and performance during matches

• Personal titles the player achieved during the season

• Commitment to the fair play principles


And we believe that this decision is absolutely fair! No matter what they say, the Ballon d’Or is an individual award that every athlete dreams of. Even though football is a team game, it is quite unfair to consider not only the individual performance of a particular player but also the actions of other members.


Top Contenders for the Award and Fans’ Predictions

The most surprising thing for fans was that Messi is not even among the first ten contenders for the award, although he received it last year. Well, it's time to give someone else a chance! Bookmakers, such as DrBet, are already making their predictions and taking bets on the outcome of an event. 


Although this event is jokingly called the confrontation between Messi and Ronaldo, it looks like something more exciting is waiting for us in 2022.


According to rumours, Karim Benzema is the favourite: the French national team member and Real Madrid striker has shown impressive success this season. Mohammed Salah is the next contender. He had already once been close to victory and promised to bring the Ballon d’Or back to his homeland one day. Well, the Liverpool player has every chance!


The Bavaria striker Sadio Mane is rounding out the top three: he was quite successful in Liverpool before moving to the German FC. The confrontation will be interesting, so we await the experts’ opinions! Of course, the award remains subjective, so it is far from certain that one of these three will receive the Cup. 


However, this year's event is clearly generating more excitement among fans due to its new evaluation criteria, so look forward to October 17th!


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