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Are mobile slots the same as online slots?

Can you imagine a world in which gamblers are not able to spin the reels of their favourite slot games online? It is funny really, because we have become so used to the world of online slots that many people forget that you can even play on real life land-based slot machines in brick and mortar casinos. In fact, for many people this simply is not an option! 
But here’s the thing: the online slots industry has only really been around for two decades or so, and before its emergence everybody had to spin the reels on real life machines in casinos. That is absolutely not the case anymore, as all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection in order to play online slots. And there’s more too, because in recent years mobile slots have exploded in popularity. But are pay by mobile casino slots the same as online slots? Read ahead to find out. 
Before online slots 
So then, what was available before online slots? Well, slot machines were still outrageously popular back then, mainly as a result of Charles D. Fey’s crucial alterations that ended up producing the Liberty Bell machine in the late 1800s. This was the world’s first commercially viable slot machine, and it spread across the world like wildfire. 
For most of the 20th century slots were the newest and most exciting addition to casino gaming, and in the 1980s this only got more intensified as the invention of the RNG (Random Number Generator) resulted in things like video slots being possible. Now slot machines could have video screens and a whole load more special features, instantly making them even more popular than before. 
The first online slots 
It was inevitable that the Internet would provide a new platform for casinos to operate on, and by far the most successful casino game that made its way online were the slots. The first online slots were released in the early 2000s, however after little more than a decade they had already resulted in an industry that was turning over multiple millions of dollars pretty much every week. 
Indeed, if it were not for online slots we wonder whether online casino gaming would have ever become as popular as it is now. 
Emergence of mobile slots 
The stage was set for mobile phone slots for a while, however the technology took a while to be refined to a point where it could be used with massive commercial success. Due to the emergence of smartphones like Apple’s iPhone more people had devices capable of running online slots well, and hence the mobile slots industry experienced a profound boom. 
The differences between online and mobile slots 
So then, are mobile slots the same as online slots? In essence, yes, they are just the same online slots you would play on your laptop, however condensed onto your smartphone. More recently, however, there has been an increase in slots created specifically for mobile devices, and these can offer more specialised features.
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